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Photo Gallery | Teddy Bear Clinic Works to Ease Children's Fears

Stuffed animals became patients at a Teddy Bear Clinic at Centennial Hills Hospital Wednesday.

Kids brought in their favorite stuffed animal for a checkup at the clinic. Medical staff showed kids some of the tests and techniques they use at the hospital by demonstrating on the stuffed animals.

The children learned how to put a cast on a teddy bear’s paw and how to diaper and wrap a baby bear in a blanket. There was also a doctor dressup area where kids could dress up like a doctor with surgical scrubs and hat.

"They come here. They feel good. They are not scared. They come to the hospital knowing that we are there to help them feel better, and that we don't do things that are unnecessary and won't hurt them. So, I think it is a very good situation," Dr. Mark Jesser, the director of the Emergency Room, said.

The kids were treated to nutritional snacks and a move and groove session to get their hearts pumping.