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Busy intersection near school getting new traffic light

LAS VEGAS -- A busy intersection near a high school that parents have complained about for several years will soon be getting a traffic light.

The Clark County School District is expected to approve a plan allowing the city of Las Vegas to put a light at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Sandhill Road, where Desert Pines High School is located.

The city is using money from a fuel tax rate hike approved by the Clark County Commission in September. The traffic signal is one of ten the city council approved earlier this month, including:

Bicyclist struck by car

LAS VEGAS -- Metro police are investigating an injury crash involving a bicyclist shortly after 10 a.m. Sunday morning. 

The accident occurred at North Grand Canyon Drive and Severance Lane near the U.S. 95.

According to police, the bicyclist was transported to University Medical Center Trauma with non-life-threatening injuries and it's unknown what caused the crash. 

'Slap-ass Friday' alarming parents of middle-school students

LAS VEGAS -- One mother considers it a form of bullying, but some students call it a middle school tradition.

It is known as 'slap-ass Friday', where students slap each other.

YouTube video shows students slapping each other on their behinds, which is what happens on slap-ass Friday.

It is not just a Las Vegas valley problem, but locals are speaking out about it.

"I am just outraged. I feel like I'm sending her to be into a pack of wolves everyday," legal guardian to a seventh grader Denise Delucia said.

Delucia says she is the legal guardian of a seventh grader at Escobedo Middle School and heard the seventh grader talking about what happened to her in the school hallway.

"I actually am going to keep her out of school until the situation is resolved on Fridays. I'm not letting her go to be accosted on Fridays, that is not acceptable," Delucia said.

Nevadans scramble as Obamacare deadline looms

LAS VEGAS -- The deadline to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, hits at midnight Monday.

Right now, people are scrambling to get their applications submitted in time

The Nevada Health Link website is overwhelmed, and in some cases, it keeps crashing. However, there is a way for people to qualify for a special 60-day extended enrollment.

People just need to get their names in the Nevada Health Link system to extend the deadline. People can do that by creating an account on the website.

Lines of people are looking to get coverage before Monday's midnight deadline.

"Some people are kind of kicking themselves that they waited until the last minute!" Patti McCoy, director of Nevada Health Co-Op, said.

Foster care author, 2 others charged with child abuse

Janet Solander

LAS VEGAS -- Two adoptive parents and their adult daughter are being charged with numerous counts of child abuse, neglect, endangerment with substantial bodily harm and sexual assault with a minor under 14 years of age.

According to the criminal complaint, Dwight Solander, 50, Janet Solander, 53, and Danielle Hinton, 21, who is Janet's biological daughter, abused and assaulted three girls that were first in their care as foster children but were later adopted by the family. The girls were 12, 11 and 9 years old at the time of the alleged abuse.

In the police report, the girls detailed nearly three years of abuse starting in Jan. 2011 --when the suspects adopted them and continued until Nov. 2013, when they went to a boarding school in Florida.

The girls told police that the suspects would severely limit their bathroom visits and then beat them with a stick used to stir paint, if they had an accident or took too long in the bathroom.

Baby in critical condition after falling out of 3rd-story window

LAS VEGAS -- A 13-month-old baby is in critical condition after falling out of a third-story condominium window Tuesday evening, according to Metro Police.

The incident happened near Elkhorn Road and Durango Drive at 6 p.m. Police say it looks to be an accidental fall because the child was playing near the window.

The child was rushed to University Medical Center. Police say the baby was breathing, but was bleeding from his head.

Lt. Mark Reddon says the boy had been playing with his older brother near the open window when he fell.

Even though police say the fall appears to be an accident, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports they're questioning the boy's parents, who were both home at the time.

Higher flood insurance costs coming to Nevada

RENO, Nev. (AP) -- Nearly 1,300 federally subsidized flood insurance policies in Nevada are set to feel the sting of flood insurance rate hikes, despite a rate relief law President Barack Obama signed Friday.

The law offers instant relief for homeowners hit by premiums that soared by thousands of dollars overnight, but it allows price hikes of up to 18 percent each year for primary homeowners. Businesses and second homes getting subsidies will see premiums spike a mandatory 25 percent per year until they switch to a rate based on the actual risk of flooding.

An Associated Press review shows more than 900 homeowners in Nevada face premium increases of up to 18 percent, and 380 business and second home policy holders face 25 percent rate hikes.