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Metro, animal control track down escaped wild cat

Credit: Audrey Patterson

 LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police and city of Las Vegas Animal Control helped to track down a wild cat that escaped Wednesday morning.

According to police, they got a call just before 9 a.m. about a large cat escaping from its owner and roaming a neighborhood near Cheyenne Avenue and Jones Boulevard.

People who saw the exotic cat say they started to panic, when they spotted it running across their rooftops. One woman says the cat jumped in her yard and killed one of her chickens.

"I was on the phone with my sister and I was like, 'I have a leopard in my backyard!' The cat was so large and had leopard-type skin. I haven't seen exotic cats roaming neighborhoods very often," Audrey Patterson said.

The cat's owner says it is a 20-pound Savannah cat, which is part domestic cat and part African serval, named Enzuri. The owner has had it for seven years but it has never escaped from its enclosure.

People still getting drawn into rental scam

LAS VEGAS -- Con artists continue to rent out foreclosed homes they have no business renting because they don't own the home. People are falling for the scam on Craigslist and losing their money.

The con artist trying to rent out a bank-owned home met the would-be tenant in the parking lot of a home improvement store, that should have been a red flag.

Now signs are posted here warning the home is not for rent. Realtor Heidi Watt checks on her bank-owned property that is for sale in North Las Vegas.

"This is a really nice house. You can see it has wood floors." Watt said.

However, criminals also have their eye on this home too.

An agent recently discovered the for sale sign was gone from the front yard and the lockboxes cut off.

"I said, 'oh my gosh, here we go again.'" Watt said.

A woman last month tried to move into a house, but police stopped her. Her first month's rent and security deposit are gone, taken by fraudsters.

Job killer or school savior? Battle brewing over proposed tax

LAS VEGAS -- In the coming months, you will be hearing a lot of debate about a tax measure on the November ballot.

Supporters call it the education initiative, while opponents call it the margin tax.

The business community has opposed it from the beginning, and late last week, the AFL-CIO also came out against it, but many teachers believe it can save our schools.

If voters give the go-ahead, businesses that make a $1 million or more will pay a two percent margin tax.

It is a tax on business revenue that would raise millions for Nevada public schools. Both sides are gearing up for a battle at the ballot box.

A factory in Henderson is where key components of slot machines are born. VSR Industries makes 1 million slot machine locks, 60,000 metal slot machine bases and the company manufactures 4,000 slot machines every year.

VSR Industries partner Colt Vollman has concerns about the education initiative, or margin tax.

Police investigating chemical poured on slide at Las Vegas park

LAS VEGAS -- Temperatures are expected to reach into the 90s this weekend and families are racing to the park for fun in the sun.

However, there is a warning for parents in the northwest part of the valley, after Metro Police responded to a call about a chemical dumped on a slide and a little boy who was injured.

According to police, officers responded to Centennial Hills Park at around 8 p.m. Wednesday. Police say someone had poured a chemical onto the slide and the empty bottle was found next to it. The report also said a child had a bad reaction to the chemical.

Parents reached out to 8 News NOW on social media to report the child suffered chemical burns, but is expected to be okay.

On Friday, kids were slipping down the two remaining open slides.

"It is a place for them to run and play and I take them to the park to run and play and tire him out so I can get a nap," Morgan Blanc, the mother of 2-year-old Gavin, said.

Centennial Hills becoming one of the fastest growing areas in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- Centennial Hills in the northwest is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing areas in the Las Vegas valley.

New parks, new apartment complexes and houses are going up, and families are moving in.

Just 45 days ago, Centennial Hills Center was covered in graffiti and the windows were broken out. Today, it has dozens of businesses interested in relocating here and just across the street is the latest in a series of new athletic fields.

Aaron Harris is like a streak of lightning cutting across the Centennial Hills Lacrosse Field. His legs have always seemed unstoppable until his Olympic dreams were nearly cut short.

"I was taking out the trash and I heard a gunshot and instantly my leg just shut down on me," Harris described.

The bullet was racing for an artery, but his strong track muscles stopped it.

"Guess I should thank my track legs for that!" Harris said.

BREAKING NEWS: Rollover crash closes SB U.S. 95 near Mt. Charleston

LAS VEGAS -- Southbound U.S. 95 is closed at Corn Creek Road, which is between the turnoffs for Kyle Canyon and Lee Canyon roads, while Nevada Highway Patrol investigates a rollover crash.

According to NHP, the crash happened at around 10:30 a.m. Friday. One woman was hurt, but her condition is not known.

Driving You Crazy: Artwork along valley highways

LAS VEGAS - A viewer asks who is responsible for the large, desert-themed characters erected along U.S. 95 and how much they cost.

A lot of this work was done with money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The animal motifs reduce graffiti, control dust levels and reduce irrigation costs.

The Nevada Department of Transportation introduced its Landscaping and Aesthetics Division in 1968. NDOT officials say it makes up 3 percent of NDOT’s construction budget. Although landscaping doesn't get the priority of paving, it is carefully considered.

Design concepts are shown to the public for input before construction begins. As far as the appearance, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.