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Mount Charleston residents flooded with frustration

LAS VEGAS -- Some of the people living on Mount Charleston say they're reaching their breaking point. They've now dealt with a major wildfire and two serious floods in the past year.

They are hoping a new flood control project will be put in to protect their homes, but that project is only in discussion.

Monday's floodwaters were so powerful they crashed through the windows of Rodney Dukes basement filling it with two feet of mud. Dukes knew the storm was coming before he even saw it.

"You bet it's frightening. It's, when you hear all this roaring of water, and then you see it, and then there's nothing you can do, it's just so strong," Dukes said.

Lack of cold water plaguing northwest subdivision

LAS VEGAS -- Imagine turning on the cold water tap only to find the temperature won't get lower than 90 degrees. One northwest valley subdivision has tried for months to cool down their water, but it's still running warm.

8 News NOW has learned many new subdivisions across the valley may experience the same problem.

A refreshing drink of cool water straight from the tap hasn't happened for homeowner Andy Kline. His valley home is only a few months old, and the Kline family says their builder has tried for months to fix the cold water problem.

"You just can't get cold water to come out of the faucet,” Kline said.

1 dead, 3 hurt in shooting Sunday morning

LAS VEGAS – Police are searching for suspects in a fatal shooting near Rancho Drive and Cheyenne Avenue.

The shooting occurred Sunday at approximately 5 a.m. When police officers arrived, they located four people with gunshot wounds. One of the victims died at the scene. Emergency crews transported the other three victims to University Medical Center.

Police determined the shooting was the result of a fight that occurred earlier at a party on Corona Del Mar Drive near Jones Boulevard and Cheyenne Avenue. The shooting victims left the home after the fight.

A short time later, they encountered someone in a white, four-door car near Jones Boulevard and Miracosta Avenue. A passenger in the car pulled out a gun and shot the four victims.

The victims drove to a nearby convenience store and called police. The suspects are still at large.

8 on Your Side: Squatters invade northwest valley home

LAS VEGAS - Cecile Chiles says she barely recognizes her Centennial Hills home.

“A whole lot of junk, a whole lot of damage, this is just a mess,” she said.

Squatters invaded the home shortly after she moved out. “Nothing in here is mine. Look at the kitchen. This is what hurt me the most,” she said.

All of her appliances were stolen. The squatters trashed several rooms and added a stripper pole to one room. “All I can do is laugh about it,” she said. “I don't know the first thing about that pole.”

Desperate to kick them out, she confronted them in person.

“I said, ‘Who do you guys rent from?’ They said, ‘The owner.’ I said, ‘What does she look like?’ They said, ‘A small white lady.’ I said, ‘You're lying,’” Chiles said.

Memorial ride, fundraiser planned for Saturday

Memorial ride, fundraiser planned for Saturday

A memorial motorcycle ride and fundraiser is planned for Saturday for the families of the Metro Police officers killed in a shooting rampage in June.

Red Rock Harley-Davidson is sponsoring the event. There is no fee to participate but people are encouraged to donate. All donations will go to the families of Officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo. Money will also be donated to the family of Joseph Wilcox, the citizen who tried to step in and stop the rampage.

The ride will start at 9 a.m. at the shop at Rainbow Boulevard and Sahara Avenue. It will then stop at the Southern Nevada Law Enforcement Memorial next to the Metropolitan Police Department Academy at Cheyenne Avenue and Hualapai Way.

It will end at the Mountain Springs Saloon on State Route 160.

Free sandbags for flood protection

LAS VEGAS - With monsoon season comes the risk of flooding and the need to be proactive in flood protection.

If you believe you may need sandbags to protect your property, two locations provide them for free.

Sandbags are available for free, along with free sand, outside the City of Las Vegas West Service Center. The sand pile is located at the three-way stop at Romenus Drive and Sauer Drive, which is located behind the Rainbow Library on North Buffalo Drive and West Cheyenne Avenue. Sandbags, sand and a filler are available at the site; you will need to bring your own shovel.

Sandbags also are available for free along with free sand outside the City of Las Vegas East Service Center. The sand pile is located on the east side of North Mojave Road, across from Lied Animal Shelter at 655 N. Mojave Road. There is also a sandbag filler; you will need to bring your own shovel. 

Moms hold 'nurse-in' to educate people about breastfeeding laws

LAS VEGAS -- Dozens of moms held a peaceful rally Wednesday after one nursing mother was questioned about breastfeeding inside the Centennial Hills YMCA

It is called a "nurse-in," where groups of moms gather in a public place to breastfeed their babies.

Nevada law says breastfeeding in any public place is legal. That includes any place they are authorized to be, including in or around a pool.

The moms at the rally say the nurse-in called Operation Feed the Babies is about education and awareness.

Nikola Samson was questioned at Garside Public Pool for breastfeeding.

“He told me that breasts were considered genitalia,” Samson said, “I said I could breast feed any where I wanted to.”

Charity Schneider was asked not to breastfeed at the Centennial Hills YMCA in the pool.

“She said, ‘Ma'am we were told that you were breastfeeding here and we were told that is not permitted,” Schneider said. “I breast fed discreetly.”