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People looking at selling NW homes because of endless flooding

Grand Teton and Cimarron July 8

LAS VEGAS -- Some people living in the northwest part of the Las Vegas valley are fed up with the recurring flooding in their neighborhoods.

Many are concerned about the new housing construction near flooded areas.

Once it starts raining, flood water fills Grand Teton Drive near Durango Drive, leaving some people so frustrated they're considering leaving the northwest.

The rushing waters kept Jeanette Shoemaker and Tammy Esposito from getting into their homes.

"It created a huge amount of anxiety. I was a mess," Esposito said.

For some northwest residents, the raging flood waters turning their neighborhood streets into rivers is nothing new but some homeowners say it has become too much to handle and have considered moving.

"There are reasons for moving but it certainly has been a contributing factor for us. I'm very frustrated," Esposito said.

Experts: US 95 at high risk for flooding

Photo courtesy: John Curtin

LAS VEGAS -- Monday’s flood caused traffic troubles around southern Nevada, but the scene was particularly bad on U.S. 95 near Mt. Charleston. Cars were turned over on their sides and a shuttle bus was stranded, caught in nearly two feet of rushing water.

The highway was shut down for hours, leaving drivers stranded.

The area is at high risk for being shut down every time it floods. Nevada Department of Transportation engineers say it is where runoff from the mountain ends up.

Monday's rushing waters made U.S. 95 downright dangerous for drivers. People were nearly taken out by the current and two cars were literally swept away.

A shuttle bus was also stranded in the rising waters, full of mud and debris.

As Nevada Highway Patrol troopers shut down both sides of the highway, drivers were trying to figure out what was going on.

BREAKING NEWS: Northbound U.S. 95 reopened, southbound still closed

Credit: Jake SK/Facebook

LAS VEGAS -- The northbound side of U.S. 95 has reopened to traffic after being closed for several hours because of flood waters.

Nevada Highway Patrol says the southbound side of the freeway may not open until past midnight Tuesday.

Water, mud and debris covered several sections of the road, forcing the highway patrol to close the road to traffic. The flooding trapped a bus full of people along Lee Canyon Road. It also over turned cars along the freeway. Everyone was able to get out of their vehicles safely.

The closure starts at mile marker 99. 

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Mt. Charleston residents fear more flash flooding

LAS VEGAS -- People on Mt. Charleston say they're living in fear of more flash flooding.

One week ago, flooding bulldozed through the Rainbow subdivision, damaging 10 homes. Now, three of those homes are unlivable after Clark County condemned them.

Clark County Commissioners are just two days away from making an emergency declaration for the area.

Commissioners are declaring the area a disaster in order to recoup some of the flood damage costs like when a road was washed away again last week.

Meantime, state lawmakers are also stepping in to help.

Rainbow subdivision residents Becky and Duffy say they're living in constant fear of flash flooding. Just across the street, the ruined mess of their neighbor's condemned home.

"They've lost everything. We've lost a lot. We didn't lose anything like they did," Becky said.

Flooding causes problems for NW valley streets again

LAS VEGAS -- The rainstorm caused flooding along a familiar area -- Grand Teton and Buffalo drives -- in northwest Las Vegas. A new storm drain project did keep the west side of U.S. 95 dry, but the east side was soaked and flooded.

More than 12 hours after rain drenched the valley, there was still water flowing from the Kyle Canyon detention basin miles away.

The storm drain project does have slight setbacks from heavy flooding, but it will eventually help solve the flooding that has plagued that area every time it rains. July and August are the most risky months for the area.

Las Vegas Councilman Steve Ross visited the flooded area once again.

Driving You Crazy: Traffic light needed at Durango and Dorrell

LAS VEGAS - A viewer wants crews to install a crosswalk at N. Durango Drive and Dorrell Lane.

This project has been in the works for a year. In the summer of 2013, group of developers proposed a new gas station in the area. They wanted to remove the median island that permits turns from Dorrell.

The county informed the developers that they would have to install a traffic signal first. The developers and the county agreed to share the cost for a new light, which would have solved the pedestrian problems.

The developers received their preliminary design and traffic signal warrant analysis. City officials approved the plans, but little progress has been made.

Rain brings flooding to northwest Las Vegas, closing streets

LAS VEGAS - Some roads in northwest Las Vegas are shut down to traffic Monday due to the flooding. 

All lanes on Buffalo Drive at Grand Teton Drive are closed to traffic. Grand Teton is also closed from Durango Drive to Buffalo Drive.

Another hard hit area is near Shady Pines Way and El Capitan Way where water runoff has flooded streets and some vehicles.

First responders urge people to avoid flooded areas. Walking or driving through moving water is extremely dangerous. It doesn't take much water to wash a car away.

Clark County Fire Department Battalion Chief Eric Poleski says the department has rescued five people from moving water in recent weeks.

He says swift water rescues can be matters of life and death for both the victim and the rescuer.