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Race to Honor Fallen Officers

LAS VEGAS -- It was one year ago that Metro officer James Manor was killed in a car crash while responding to a call for help. Since then, five other law enforcement officers from southern Nevada have been killed in the line of duty.

On Saturday, the Peacekeeper's Kids 5K Run will raise money for those fallen officers' children. 

Every May during Police Memorial Month, the students, faculty and staff of Marc Kahre Elementary invite the community to join them in a tribute to their school's namesake. Metro motor officer Marc Kahre was killed in the line of duty in 1988.

This year, six more law enforcement officers killed in southern Nevada were also honored. 

A rose given in the name of each officer to a member of his family, including the wife of officer Trevor Nettleton and their young son.

Gilcrease Orchard to Open May 15

LAS VEGAS -- If you want to pick your own fresh fruit and vegetables you can in mid-May when the Gilcrease Orchard opens to the public.

The orchard will be open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 7 a.m. to noon. It is located at 7800 No. Tenaya. You can take US 95 north to Ann Road and go east Ann Road  and then north on Tenaya.


More Stores Move to West Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- Another step in the re-vitalization of Las Vegas' historic west side happened Thursday as a new department store has opened for business. Leaders say the area will soon be a hotbed for activity.

Since the 140,000 square foot Edmond Town Center near Owens and J Street first opened back in 2005, residents have been given more opportunity to shop, work and live in their own neighborhood.

Councilman Ricki Barlow represents the district and says this newest Rainbow Store only enhances that.

"This is a wonderful experience. To have a national chain inside of an urban community is huge. A lot of the residents here shop in Rainbow apparel, and having right here where they can experience it right in their own neighborhood is great," said Las Vegas City Councilman Ricki Barlow.

Las Vegas Magnet School Receives Top Honor

NORTH LAS VEGAS -- A local magnet school has been designated the top magnet school in the country.

C.V.T. Gilbert Magnet Elementary school has won the Dr. Ronald P. Simpson Distinguished Merit Award from Magnet Schools of America organization. The award is considered a top honor for any magnet school.

The school was chosen because of its diverse programs that integrate art and communication. Several other Las Vegas schools won merit awards. Awards for the Schools of Excellence category include Jim Bridger Middle School, K.O. Knudson Elementary School and Sandy Searles Miller Elementary School (also a 2009 Schools of Distinction recipient).

Awards for the Schools of Distinction category include Advanced Technologies Academy, Mabel Hoggard Elementary School (2009 recipient), Jo Mackey Elementary School (2009 recipient), Northwest Career and Technical Academy, Rancho High School, Valley High School and Walter Bracken Elementary School.

Hep C Trial Goes to the Jury

LAS VEGAS -- Two years have passed since 40,000 local patients of an endoscopy clinic were told they were at risk for hepatitis C. Now, the first court case in the crisis came to a close.

Both sides finished at 4:10 p.m. and the case is now in the hands of the jury. One hepatitis C patient is suing for $8.5 million.

Two pharmaceutical companies are accused of negligence in selling large doses of an anesthetic, enticing clinics to double dip their doses and spread infections. But Teva Pharmaceuticals' attorney made it a point to repeatedly read the warning labels their company put on each of their products.

"The product is not made in its different sizes for particular procedures. It is made to provide choices. The warnings correspond to those known risks," said attorney James Olson.

Owners Found for Wayward Goat and Dog

LAS VEGAS -- There's a happy ending to a story involving a wayward goat and dog that were found wandering Las Vegas streets.

Wednesday morning a dog and goat were found walking the streets near Durango and Alexander in northwest Las Vegas.

They were picked up by animal control and taken to Lied Animal Shelter. The staff tried to separate them to look them over, but the two got upset. The goat even started head butting the walls until she was reunited with her friend.

A viewer watching 8 News Now recognized the odd couple and called their owners who are on vacation in Utah.

The Animal Foundation says the animals will be kept safe until their owners can pick them up.


Wayward Dog and Goat on the Lam

LAS VEGAS -- A yellow lab and a goat may seem like an odd pair to be roaming the streets of Las Vegas but that's exactly what animal control officials came across Wednesday.

The pair was found wandering in northwest Las Vegas near Durango and Alexander. There are several larger properties up in that area that house a variety of animals.

The two female animals seem to be quite attached to one another. When they were brought to the Leid Animal Shelter, and separated, the goat caused quite a commotion and kept butting the wall.

"We were concerned if the dog and goat were separated in a kennel situation she would continue to pound on the kennel until she got in contact with her partner," said Andy Bischel, The Animal Foundation.

In a somewhat unusual move, the two escapees were put into the same kennel to keep things quiet.