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Report: Whiskey, pills found in arrested officer's truck

HENDERSON, Nev. --  There are new details about the arrest of a Henderson Police officer on several charges, including driving under the influence.

According to the arrest report released Friday, 31-year-old Joseph Lawrence was arrested early Thursday morning after a Nevada Highway Patrol trooper say him driving recklessly near U.S. 95 and Centennial Parkway.

The trooper responded to a report of a driver traveling the wrong way on U.S. 95. The trooper says he saw Lawrence driving his pickup truck southbound on the northbound side of the freeway. He also says he saw him driving erratically along Centennial Parkway, including driving onto the dirt shoulder, running a red light and speeding through a parking lot and jumping the parking lot medians.

He also says he saw Lawrence drive the wrong way on Tropical Parkway. The truck eventually stopped in front of a store on Centennial Parkway.

Report: Kids witness mother's fatal stabbing

LAS VEGAS -- The two children of a couple involved in a deadly fight witnessed their father stab their mother and then stab himself, according to the arrest report.

The 16-year-old girl and her 11-year-old brother ran from their home to a park across the street and called 911. They told police their parents were in a verbal fight when their father took a 10-inch knife and stabbed their mother in the chest, the report said.

Jodi Joyce, 40, died and her husband, James Joyce, 52, was critically injured, but is expected to survive. He was booked in absentia at University Medical Center for murder with a deadly weapon.

When police arrived at the Berkley Hall Street home, they talked with the children and then entered the unlocked residence.

Friends of murdered woman react with grief, shock

LAS VEGAS -- The Clark County Coroner's Office ruled the woman who was found dead in her home Monday morning was stabbed to death and her manner of death is homicide.

As police continue to investigate Jodi Joyce's murder, Clark County School District employees are mourning the loss of their friend and co-worker.

Joyce was first a school teacher, and most recently, she helped get kids the resources they needed to fight drug abuse.

On Tuesday, crisis intervention teams were sent in to help CCSD employees cope with the loss. Joyce's supervisor says her co-workers are filled with shock, grief and sadness.

UPDATE: Stabbing victim was CCSD employee

LAS VEGAS -- The woman stabbed to death in a northwest neighborhood on Monday has been identified by the Clark County Coroner's office as 40-year-old Jodi Joyce.

Metro Police said Joyce's husband, James Joyce, 52, fatally stabbed his wife during a fight and then stabbed himself. Joyce remains in the hospital in critical condition.

Joyce was a Clark County School District employee who oversaw the district's Substance Abuse Awareness Program. Her LinkedIn profile also shows she was a former elementary school teacher and had been a part-time instructor at UNLV.

Ecologist upset over 'destruction of land' to build berm

MOUNT CHARLESTON, Nev. -- Construction work to build a berm in Mount Charleston has one scientist calling the area prone to flooding, a “danger zone.”

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers started building the berm Friday, Oct. 11, in an effort to divert rain water away from homes in the Rainbow subdivision. And since then, workers with the U.S. Forest have been putting in 12-hour shifts and will continue to do so for the next month.

"We're really happy with the progress, we got the logging done,” Mike Balen, U.S. Forest Service said.

The full-scale logging operation uprooted about 300-trees. Some were nearly 200-years old, which has some people wondering whether this was worth it.

Driving You Crazy: Cheyenne Avenue and Tenaya Way

LAS VEGAS - Deborah says the intersection of Cheyenne Avenue and Tenaya Way is an accident waiting to happen. She says many vehicles make illegal u-turns there.

The intersection sits near Mountain View Hospital. Drivers who frequent the area know that u-turns are illegal on westbound Cheyenne between 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The City of Las Vegas will conduct a traffic study at this intersection. Depending on the results of the study, the city might add a dynamic "blank out" sign. The light would activate when u-turns aren't allowed and northbound right-turners get an arrow.

The city will also meet with Metro Police to determine the practicality of that type of sign. It will take a couple weeks for them to complete the study. Traffic8 will provide updates on this process in the coming weeks.

What's driving you crazy? E-mail your traffic questions and complaints to Demetria Obilor.

Police warn of crime as temperatures cool

LAS VEGAS - The temperature is cooling down, but crime is heating up. Police say criminals are targeting easily accessible homes and cars.

Metro Police says auto theft is up nearly 19 percent this year. While home break-ins are slightly down, police urge homeowners not to get complacent.

Police say criminals mostly target open doors and windows. Many homeowners leave garage doors open, providing a tempting target for thieves. Open car windows also present an open invitation.

“Take all your items out of your vehicle. If anyone is looking at vehicles and they're looking to commit an auto theft or an auto burglary, they will look in that vehicle,” said Metro Police Officer Larry Hadfield. “If they see high-valued or high-tag items in there, such as an iPod, tablets, laptops or cell phones, they can get in that vehicle. If given the opportunity to get in the vehicle, then they also have the opportunity to steal the vehicle."