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County closes access to Lone Mountain without warning | News

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County closes access to Lone Mountain without warning

LAS VEGAS -- There was a northwest valley mystery Monday that had many residents near Alexander Road and I-215 wondering who put up a fence to block and cut public access to Lone Mountain.

"People come out here. There are a lot of hikers. I see boot camp people and kids. A lot of people hike up the mountain around sunset,” said Sarah Bivens, resident.

The six-foot high chain link fence was placed at access points to the mountain over the weekend. The fence was put up by the county as part of a multi-year 10 phase project to enhance the park.

Heavy machines will carve out a two-mile walking path around the base of the mountain.

“With the heavy equipment and with the dirt being moved, just the liability and the public safety issue caused us to cordon off the whole area,” said Commissioner Larry Brown, Clark County.

Commissioner Brown admitted they didn't tell residents they were temporarily closing the area.

"The signage should have been up. I mean, looking back, we should have put some 'Coming soon, the mountain will be cordoned off' signs up. Again, that's our responsibility," Brown said.

"I'm very shocked,” said Bivens. "I thought we'd get at least a mailer or something living here, and we didn't hear anything about it."

Commissioner Brown says, besides the trail improvements, there will also be an equestrian arena for horses and a horse themed playground for kids.

Commissioner Brown says the fence will stay up until the work is finished, and he said that could take about a year.