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Report: Suspect killed man over cleaning supplies, fried chicken | News

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Report: Suspect killed man over cleaning supplies, fried chicken

LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police said they've arrested the man accused of beating another man to death in the desert Saturday.  A police report shows it all started over stolen cleaning supplies and chicken.  

Officers said 33-year-old Coleman Vaoga crushed and killed Jeffrey Harry Clabaugh with a 63 pound boulder.  Vaoga confronted the 51-year-old after he saw him taking a box of Church's Chicken and a bucket of cleaning supplies from his car, according to the report.

Vaoga was inside of a convenience store in the 4300 block of North Nellis Boulevard when the alleged thievery happened.  Metro said witnesses told them Vaoga ran out of the store and started chasing Clabaugh.  

The report said at one point Vaoga stopped and asked another man to switch shoes with him so that he could continue running.  Vaoga was originally wearing flip flops.  

After switching shoes, Vaoga continued to pursue Clabaugh into the desert.  Police said the 33-year-old tackled Clabaugh to the ground and started beating him with a thin metal rod.

Witnesses said they heard the 51-year apologizing and trying to plead with the suspect, but Vaoga went up to a group of guys and asked them if they had a blade because he needed to "end this guy."  

No one gave him a knife, so Vaoga allegedly picked up the boulder, raised his arms in the air, and dropped it on the Clabaugh, the report said.

Vaoga fled the scene, and the victim was found dead in a bush behind the store. The Clark County coroner's office said Clabaugh died of multiple blunt force injuries.

Metro said Vaoga admitted to chasing down Clabaugh, and his sister corroborated his statement, but he did not admit to killing him. 

Vaoga was arrested Tuesday and booked into the Clark County Clark County Detention Center.  He faces a charge of murder with a deadly weapon.