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Private school officials upset over sex shop neighbor | News

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Private school officials upset over sex shop neighbor

LAS VEGAS -- Leaders of a private Christian school in northwest Las Vegas said they're worried about their students because a store that sells sex toys and fetish lingerie moved in a few doors down from the school.

Lone Mountain Academy is the private Christian school at the Calvary Chapel and the pastors and administrators of the school say The Love Store shouldn't be anywhere near kids, but the city said zoning laws are being followed correctly.

Principal Larry Henderson said he's worried about his students.

“A lot of times within pornography they are degrading women, there is brutality within that environment. I'm concerned with people coming in there, viewing that kind of material, purchasing that kind of material and being within such a close proximity to kids. There are children all up and down this area,” Larry Henderson, School Administrator, Lone Mountain Academy said.

8 News NOW dug into the Las Vegas zoning laws and found that an adult book store is not allowed within one thousand feet of a church or school, but there was a legality that allowed The Love Store to operate right next door as a general retailer.

A city spokesperson said less than 35-percent of the store's gross revenue comes from adult material.

The chapel's pastor says they were lied to about what the store would be from the very beginning.

“If it was truly an upscale lingerie store then no problem, but what moved in was neither upscale nor lingerie,” said Jimmy Morales, Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel.

Larry Henderson said he knows the vast majority of people shopping at The Love Store would never harm a child, but he said there's still a chance the store could draw sexual deviants near his school.

My job is to protect our kids; One of my responsibilities it to protect our students here. If there's any kind of threat I have to take that seriously, Henderson said.

The Love Store was contacted for comment, but authorities there have yet to respond. A spokesperson for Mayor Pro-tem Stavros Anthony said he was unavailable for comment also.