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Weekend rain floods northwest valley streets | News

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Weekend rain floods northwest valley streets

LAS VEGAS - Weekend rain is taking its toll on the northwest valley. Runoff from Mount Charleston caused street flooding in a northwest neighborhood familiar with the problem.

Buffalo Drive remains closed to traffic Monday at Grand Teton Drive due to flooding. The intersection was already partially closed due to the construction work for a flood channel.

The project was put on the fast track after last summer's heavy flooding in the same area. The flooding was a result of the Carpenter 1 fire on Mount Charleston which removed vegetation and natural flood barriers allowing water and debris to flow down the mountain and into the northwest valley neighborhoods. That flooding caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

Sharon Linsenbardt owns a farm in the area and shelters rescued animals. She says she lost two goats and a tortoise during last year’s flood. She has lived in the valley for 50 years, and she says she is sick of the flooding.

“I'm a historical person that's lived on this property for years, and I can tell you where the water's going to go. That's all. I'm not an engineer. I'm not over-the-hill bright. I'm just telling you,” she said. “I am so tired of it, I cannot express it to you. It's going to come in my gate again."

The construction work involves installing an underground drainage system that will carry rainwater to the Las Vegas Wash instead of dumping it in neighborhoods. The flood control project is scheduled to be completed in May 2015.