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Las Vegas man accused of shooting, injuring girlfriend | News

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Las Vegas man accused of shooting, injuring girlfriend

LAS VEGAS -- A Las Vegas man is under arrest and facing charges of attempted murder in the shooting of his girlfriend.

According to Metro Police, 36-year-old Roberto Ramirez was arrested after he called police claiming his girlfriend, 27-year-old Jessica Smalls, tried to kill herself.

Officers were called to the couple’s home near Craig Road and Tenaya Way at around 6 a.m. Sunday. When they arrived, they found Ramirez outside the home with blood on his hands and arms. He told police that Smalls had shot herself.

Officers found Smalls in one of the bedrooms, and she was covered in blood. She was still breathing and was able to ask for help. Police say the entry wound for the bullet was just to the right of her chin, and the round was lodged behind one of her vertebrae.

At first, the suspect told police that he was downstairs when Smalls shot herself. However, during a second interview with police, Ramirez said he had accidentally shot her during an argument.

Polices say evidence at the scene, including blood on the gun and no burn marks or stippling patterns on the victim, which are common when someone shoots themselves, show that Ramirez pulled the trigger.