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Centennial Hills becoming one of the fastest growing areas in Las Vegas | News

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Centennial Hills becoming one of the fastest growing areas in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- Centennial Hills in the northwest is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing areas in the Las Vegas valley.

New parks, new apartment complexes and houses are going up, and families are moving in.

Just 45 days ago, Centennial Hills Center was covered in graffiti and the windows were broken out. Today, it has dozens of businesses interested in relocating here and just across the street is the latest in a series of new athletic fields.

Aaron Harris is like a streak of lightning cutting across the Centennial Hills Lacrosse Field. His legs have always seemed unstoppable until his Olympic dreams were nearly cut short.

"I was taking out the trash and I heard a gunshot and instantly my leg just shut down on me," Harris described.

The bullet was racing for an artery, but his strong track muscles stopped it.

"Guess I should thank my track legs for that!" Harris said.

Harris trains twice a week on this newly built Centennial Hills Athletic Field.

"I love it. It is nice," Harris said.

More athletic fields like these are being mapped out in the area, and that is not the only development.

"They're building houses. They're building rooftops and that is significant to the business community," Las Vegas City Councilman Steven Ross said.

Just across the street from the athletic fields, Centennial Hills Center is set to be complete by June. The business complex was left abandoned in the recession, when the banks stopped lending.

"Now that banks are lending money again, you're seeing that growth start to take place again," Michael Young with the complex said, "Finally got it across the finish line."

Now, it is designed for dozens of doctors and medical practices to relocate to the complex and that has the attention of nearby housing developers.

"I think the northwest is an up-and-coming area, absolutely," Brandon Exline with the Providence Master Homeowners Association said.

Providence is a master-plan community on Hualapai Way and Farm Road. Developers say it is one of the fastest growing in the country.

"People are looking for something, whether that is a park or a school or close shopping" Exline said.

Harris' growth is skyrocketing right along with his Centennial Hills community.

"Rio 2016. That is what I'm looking forward to," the Olympic hopeful said.

City leaders say other new athletic fields are set to be built just up the street. They say there is also a new car dealership expected behind Centennial Hills Center and a new shopping center just a few miles away.