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Widow Remembers Husband on Anniversary of Metro Shooting | News

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Widow Remembers Husband on Anniversary of Metro Shooting

LAS VEGAS -- Six months after a Gulf War veteran was shot and killed by Metro Police, his widow held a vigil in his honor. Rhonda Gibson said her husband had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and suffered from anxiety.

Metro Police did admit a non-lethal approach should have been used in this case but wasn't.

Rhonda Gibson spent Tuesday, in near triple-digit heat, sitting next to her husband's grave and reflecting.

"He didn't deserve to be shot in the head seven times. Seven times in the back of the head. Can you give me a reason why that happened?" 

Stanley Gibson was killed by Metro officers six months ago. Police said, they were responding to an attempted break in, and Gibson's vehicle matched the description so the suspect's vehicle. Gibson was shot when he didn't follow police commands.

"I am doing it for my husband and doing it for the other families so they can see justice too," Gibson said.

After the shooting, Metro officials said, a non-lethal approach should have been followed but Officer Jesus Arevalo was not aware of the plan.

"All I want is for Metro to pay attention. Please listen to your supervisors. Just think about what you are doing," Gibson said.

Police said there was a 30 minute standoff before Gibson was killed. Rhonda Gibson said, her husband most likely had no idea what police were asking of him.

Veterans in Politics were at the Tuesday vigil and feel Metro and other police agencies need to have a plan in place when dealing with vets.

"They told me it was voluntarily. I said it should be a mandatory program of how to deal with PTSD of all levels," said Steve Sanson, Veterans in Politics.

Gibson feels Arevalo and other officers need to go through a coroners inquest but that process has been on hold since 2010.

"I do want the coroner's inquest brought back," she said.

No inquests have taken place since October 2010 because of a legal battle. o date, there are 19 deaths awaiting inquest hearings.