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Parents Warned After Day Care Worker's Arrest

LAS VEGAS -- Parents are in disbelief regarding the arrest of a Las Vegas day care worker. Twenty seven-year-old Cameron Thomas was arrested Wednesday and charged with kidnapping, sexual assault with a victim under 14 and lewdness with a minor.

"That's disturbing. It's wrong. It's scary," said parent Jamie Wells.

Thomas worked at Bright Child Learning Center on Blue Diamond Road for most of 2010. His employment ended last month.

Parent Elizabeth Verano's jaw dropped when she saw Thomas' mug shot.

"It's pretty scary, because our daughter goes to this school," she said. "I know if the students are misbehaving, then they get sent out to the front with Mr. Cameron."

I-Team: Murdered Teacher's Children Fight to Get her SUV Back

LAS VEGAS -- The children of murdered school teacher Mary Beth Franta are speaking out for the first time. Their mother is dead, their father is accused of her murder and now they have been hit with a huge bill.

Their mother's vehicle, which police suspect transported her body, has been sitting in a local tow yard since mid-November. The towing company wants several thousand dollars to release it to Franta's children.

Late last year, Brandon and Ashley Franta effectively lost both of their parents. Police found their mom's body in a desert lot and arrested their dad for her murder. In the months that have followed, 24-year-old Brandon has assumed responsibility for his parent's affairs.

Brandon Franta last saw his mom's car in late October during his dad's birthday weekend. Now, it sits in a fenced off part of The Ewing Brother's tow yard.

Missing Dancer, Boyfriend Involved in Domestic Violence

LAS VEGAS -- According to court filings, missing Las Vegas dancer Debbie Flores-Narvaez has been a victim of violence in the past.

In a police report, Jason Griffith, also known as Blu, was arrested for beating her up in October of 2010. Griffith and Flores-Narvaez were dating at the time. She was reportedly going to his house when she vanished on December 12.

Read the arrest report for Jason "Blu" Griffith

According to the police report, Griffith allegedly stole Flores-Narvaez's iPhone during a dispute. She chased after him and the two started arguing. Griffith then threw her phone. When Flores-Narvaez went to retrieve it, he ran toward her, pushed her down, pulled her hair and kicked her. Police say Debbie had bruises on both legs and found a chunk of her hair.

Arrests Made in 95-Year-Old's Death

LAS VEGAS -- Two women are behind bars, accused of murdering a 95-year-old woman while trying to steal her purse in a grocery store parking lot. Thirty-year-old Teresa Meamber and 19-year-old Kierstie Manning face serious charges including murder and attempted robbery.

On July 26, police say the two women attacked 95-year-old Bertha Meier and tried to steal her purse at the Smith's parking lot on Desert Inn and Decatur.

Surveillance video outside Smith's grocery store at Decatur Boulevard and Desert Inn Road shows Meier walking through the parking lot, carrying an umbrella and pushing a shopping cart.  

Suddenly, a dark-colored Nissan Sentra darts across the parking lot. One suspect, now believed to be Manning, jumps out and tries to take Meier's purse. Meier refuses to let go. The assailants then drag the elderly woman across the concrete before taking off without her purse.

Arrest Report Released in Murder of School Teacher

LAS VEGAS -- The arrest report in the murder of a Las Vegas junior high school teacher has been released.

Police arrested Mark Franta on Wednesday and charged him with the murder of his wife, Marybeth Franta.

According to the police report, Marybeth Franta's body was found dumped in a dirt lot behind an Albertson's on Craig Road and Tenaya. Police say her car was later found parked in the same Albertson's parking lot.

Read the arrest report

Though pictures show her always smiling, police say domestic violence was present in Marybeth and Mark Franta's marriage.

Husband Taken Into Custody in Teacher's Death

LAS VEGAS -- Fifty-year-old Mark Douglas Franta had his mug shot taken at the Clark County Detention Center, his new home while he faces a murder charge. Franta shared a home with his wife, Mary Beth, for nearly two decades. On Saturday night, that marriage ended with Mary Beth's death.

Karen Adams was stunned to learn her neighbor had vanished without a trace Saturday night. She was even more surprised to learn that police believe Mary Beth's husband suffocated her. "I've never heard a thing, not anything," Adams said. "I was shocked. I don't know. I'm just in shock."

"I saw him outside, around, working in the yard and everything," Adams said about Mark Franta. "He's very friendly with the other two neighbors."

Sunday morning, Mary Beth Franta's body was found dumped in a desert lot behind an Albertson's supermarket on Craig and Tenaya. Her car was found nearby.

Police Make Arrest in Stabbing Death

LAS VEGAS -- Police have made an arrest in the death of a man found stabbed in his own home.

Joe Stutzman was found stabbed to death on Sunday afternoon at his home near Grand Teton Drive and Durango Road. Police say 19-year-old Jeremiah Merriweather confessed to the crime.

According to the police report, Stutzman's wife Brandy befriended Merriweather while Stutzman was away on a military deployment. The report says the Stutzman's relationship was rocky and the two had a history of domestic abuse.

In the report, Merriweather claims he went over to Stutzman's house to talk to him about the abuse. He allegedly tried breaking into the home, which woke up Stutzman. According to the report, Stutzman tried to chase off Merriweather with a knife, but Merriweather had a knife of his own and stabbed Stutzman until he died.