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Husband Pleads Not Guilty in Teacher's Death

LAS VEGAS -- The man accused of murdering junior high school teacher Marybeth Franta pleaded not guilty Thursday in court.

Mark Franta, the husband of the victim, is accused of killing his wife and dumping her body in a desert lot in northwest Las Vegas.

According to the District Attorney's Office, there is surveillance video of Franta dumping his wife's body in the desert area. The prosecutor says it's enough evidence for a presumptive verdict of first degree murder.

The trial has been set for October of 2011.

Police Battle Marijuana Grow House Problem

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas police are investigating a marijuana grow site where a mother and her two sons were arrested over the weekend. Two small children were also in the in the house.

The incident happened at a house on Rancho Palms Drive in northwest Las Vegas. Police say they have responded to the home at least five times in the last 60 days. But they say the valley's marijuana problem is much bigger than one house.

"The problem with marijuana grows has eclipsed that of methamphetamine labs. In 2010, we only had six methamphetamine labs as compared to 118 marijuana grows," said Metro Lt. Laz Chavez.

Since 2007, Metro says the valley has seen more than a 100 percent increase of marijuana grows and plants, a 43 percent increase of people arrested and the investigations have cost the department more than $500,000 since 2007.

Person Dead in Northwest Las Vegas Shooting

LAS VEGAS -- A man was shot to death Thursday in a confrontation with another man. Police think the shooter wanted revenge after a fight on Wednesday.

It happened just before 11:00 a.m. Jones and Alta. Officers arrived on scene and found the victim, who family members say is 41-year-old Edward Wernicke, brother of mayoral candidate Anthony Wernicke, suffering from gunshot wounds. He was taken to University Medical Center's trauma unit in critical condition, but he later died.

There are two suspects, but police say only one shooter. A few blocks away, police staked out a street thinking the people involved were hiding there. But after talking with the homeowner, they learned that wasn't the case.

"He advised that there was nobody at that residence. That person is cooperating with us and we determined that (the suspects is) still out there," said Metro Homicide Lt. Lew Roberts.

Vandals Destroy Cars at Opportunity Village Campus

LAS VEGAS -- Opportunity Village has suffered another blow. Six months after a fire destroyed the Opportunity Village Thrift Store, vandals have broken into cars and damaged property at their main campus.

When staff arrived at work Wednesday, they saw shards of tinted glass all over the parking lot. Seven vans were broken into and rummaged through. There were even tools stolen out of one of them.

"Can we not catch a break at all? It's very, very frustrating. The staff just can't comprehend why anyone would want to do this to Opportunity Village," said Linda Smith, Associate Executive Director of Opportunity Village.

She says thieves have stolen Santa suits, cables, Christmas lights and props from the Magical Forest over the last month.

Congresswoman Berkley Holds Public Meeting Amid Tighter Security

LAS VEGAS -- The Tucson shooting created questions about how safe public Congressional meetings are. Las Vegas Congresswoman Shelley Berkley held her own public event Friday morning with people looking for help. This time there was extra security.

Nevada's delegation regularly sets aside time to meet with constituents and hear their problems. Those meetings continue despite the Tucson shooting. But now, there is an extra level of security even Congresswoman Berkley felt challenged getting used to.

"When I saw the officers outside, and there are a number of them, I thanked them of course for being here, but I also said, 'I hope this isn't the future. This should not be the way we have to do business in this country,'" she said.

Marijuana House Raided, 4 Suspects Arrested

LAS VEGAS - Four people are under arrest after police raided a northwest valley home and discovered a grow house. Detectives seized a large number of marijuana plants from the home near 215 and Hualapai Way.

When police went inside that home, they say they found 100 marijuana plants, which amounts to about 100 pounds of pot. Detectives boxed up the plants and removed them.

Police arrested 28-year-old Douglas Wright, 31-year-old Christopher Sobarnia, 41-year-old Theodore Wachter and 32-year-old Bryan Parsons. The four were charged with sale and possession of marijuana and conspiracy.

Neighbors say they don't think anybody was actually living in the home. One woman says she was surprised to find out what happened after coming home from dinner.

Parents React to Day Care Worker's Arrest

LAS VEGAS -- An investigation is underway after the arrest of a day care worker on accusations of sexual assault of two girls. According to the arrest report, those assaults did not happen at the day care center and the victims were the children of a family friend.

However, the incident makes parents concerned and day care operators know they have to assure them that their children are safe and well taken care of.

Even though the alleged sexual assaults didn't happen at either day care where Cameron Thomas worked, parents are concerned by allegations of sexual assault against someone that worked so closely with children.

Colleen Booker has 5-year-old son. She says she did a lot of investigating before enrolling her child.

"It's scary because you trust your kids and these people for long periods of time and its scary," she said.