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Desai Pleads Not Guilty

LAS VEGAS -- Dr. Depak Desai, the doctor who owned the Endoscopy Centers of Southern Nevada, plead not guilty in charges connected to a hepatitis outbreak.

Desai is facing 28 charges, including racketeering, negligence and insurance fraud.

Prosecutors say at least seven people contracted hepatitis C because of reused syringes and vials of medication.

The trial was set for March of 2011. Two nurses who worked with Desai also face the same charges.

I-Team: Two Homes Growing Marijuana Busted by Police

LAS VEGAS -- Metro police officers and DEA agents stormed into a quiet Las Vegas neighborhood Wednesday and needed explosives to break into a sophisticated drug operation.

Narcotics detectives, backed up by SWAT, swarmed into two homes near Oakey and Decatur to bust a hidden marijuana and psychedelic mushroom farm.

The raid was the latest operation from Metro's elite narcotics unit Team Six, created to go after indoor marijuana plantations. Already this year, the team has popped more than 60 marijuana grow houses, a 48-percent jump since last year. This year, police have taken over 5,000 plants and over 600,000 grams of drugs off the street.

Wife Mourns Her Murdered Husband

LAS VEGAS -- William Burhoe was working the graveyard shift at the Supermart on Smoke Ranch and Rainbow when an armed suspect walked in and shot him. The 77-year-old fought back, killing the suspect. Burohe died a short time later.

Burhoe worked at the store on and off for three years. He liked to have some extra money to gamble on the horse races, but his wife says it was the friendships he made that kept him coming back.

"I saw the word 'Coroner' and I said, 'No, no. This can't be true. This can't be happening," said Bill's wife Christine Burhoe.

Burhoe never had the chance to say goodbye. The shooting took her husband of 16 years.

"He liked to work there because of the people that would come in -- the comradery with the people," she said.

Nevada in Top 10 for Cyber Crime

LAS VEGAS -- Surfing the web may be part of your everyday routine, but criminals are finding new ways to steal your personal information or infect your computer with a nasty virus. For local businesses, it could mean thousands of dollars lost.

Nevada is one of the top 10 states for cyber crime. 

It's easy to be fooled into clicking something on the internet that you think is safe. Wells Fargo is a good example. There are criminals out there using their logo and name to steal your information. But you can protect yourself. 

Sue Gaines is the office manager at a commercial real estate company. In the past year, they've had to fend off viruses and trojans all because someone clicked on something they weren't supposed to. Fixing it doesn't come cheap.

Friends, Family Turn to the Internet to Sway the Court System

LAS VEGAS -- Paul Maidman sat at a stoplight in his Buick Century. It was 3:15 a.m. on a Friday. He had been up all night studying, and had to leave his house to fax his professor a paper. On the way home, he stopped at a convenience store -- on the seat next to him sat two Rockstar energy drinks and a snack. One hour later he was dead.

When the police arrived at the accident, the Buick was unrecognizable. A car had failed to slow down for the red light and slammed into the back of Maidman's car. According to a police report, the car's driver, Miranda Dalton, admitted to spending the evening at Stoney's, a bar on Las Vegas Blvd.

In the report, an officer wrote Dalton's "speech was so slurred, I thought she had a foreign object in her mouth."

She failed a field sobriety test and was booked for DUI causing death.

Funeral for Slain Deputy Held Saturday in Las Vegas

 LAS VEGAS --  It was an emotional goodbye for fallen Deputy Ian Deutch as hundreds attended his funeral Saturday to pay their respects and to say their final goodbyes to a man who gave his life while defending his community.

Deputy Ian Deutch was killed in the line of duty last Monday while responding to a call. This is the first time Nye county has lost one of its own since nearly anyone can remember.

His death has shocked the small town of Pahrump. Though his death was sudden, those closest to him said he lived a full life with purpose and dedication to serve others.

Hundreds packed the church to remember 27-year-old Deputy Ian Deutch. A member of the Nye County Sheriff's Office since 2004.

"He loved the army he loved the police he loved his dog Chico, but most of all he loved his family, family was everything to him," said Suzie Deutch, Ian's mother.

Shots Fired When Bail Bondsman Tries to Make an Arrest

LAS VEGAS -- Police are investigating a shooting near Durango and Alexander.

Police say a bail bondsman was trying to take a suspect into custody when a shootout broke out. Police say about 14 rounds were fired but no one was injured. Several house and a car were hit by gunfire.

Police say that a white Chevy Tahoe was seen leaving the scene. The suspects got away and the bail bondsman is working with police.