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I-Team: Father of Man Shot by Police at Costco Speaks

LAS VEGAS -- The father of a Las Vegas businessman who was shot and killed by police at a Las Vegas Costco store says he's been receiving eyewitness reports which directly contradict the official version of Saturday's events.

William Scott, the father of Erik Scott, gave his first interview to 8 News NOW's George Knapp.

The shooting incident is different from almost anything we've seen in memory involving Metro Police, not only because there were more than three dozen eyewitnesses, but also because of who was shot.

Erik Scott was a West Point graduate who also had a degree from Duke. He was a successful businessman and his father is a nationally known aviation journalist with extensive contacts in military and intelligence circles.

Family Gets Chilling Account of Costco Shooting

LAS VEGAS -- A chilling account of what happened Saturday afternoon at a Summerlin Costco has surfaced, blasting Las Vegas police for what witnesses call excessive force.

Erik Scott was shot and killed by police. Metro says he was armed and posed a threat, but witnesses are coming forward saying they don't believe that's true.

At least one of these accounts was from a couple who says they were just feet away from where Scott was shot. They says he didn't draw his gun or point it at police, but officers shot anyway.

Scott's cousin and family friends say witnesses are reaching out to them.

Officer Involved in Costco Shooting Involved in 2006 Shooting

LAS VEGAS -- The three Las Vegas police officers involved in Saturday's shooting at a Costco have been identified.

Officers William Mosher, Joshua Stark and Thomas Mendiola shot and killed Erik Scott at a Summerlin Costco. Officers say Scott had a weapon and pointed it at them.

Mosher has been with Metro for five years. Stark and Mendiola have been with Metro for under two years. All are assigned to the Metro's Northwest Area Command.

This isn't the first time Officer Mosher has been involved in a shooting. In April of 2006, Officer Mosher and Officer John Wiggins shot and killed Aaron Jones. According to police, Jones rammed his car into Wiggins while trying to escape arrest. Jones died at the scene.

A coroner's inquest into the 2006 shooting found Officers Mosher and Wiggins justified.

Man in Costco Shooting had Concealed Weapons Permit

LAS VEGAS -- A shooting at a Costco in Summerlin is raising questions about concealed weapons permits.

Erik Scott was gunned down when police say he refused to drop a weapon he had on him. But Scott's friends and family say he had a concealed weapons permit and was knowledgeable with the laws.

Private property like shopping malls, or even the Costco where the shooting happened, can prohibit weapons from being on property without any signage. Even if you have concealed weapons permit, private property owners can prohibit weapons.

"The line we always use in class, 'When you say the magic word gun, make sure your hands are visible and wait for the officer to tell you what to do,'" said The Gun Store owner Bob Irwin.

It's a line that could mean the difference between life and death. Irwin has released a book on the guidelines for carrying concealed fire arms in Nevada.

60 Arrested for DUI at Holiday Checkpoints

LAS VEGAS --  Las Vegas police say they arrested 60 people for DUI at holiday weekend DUI checkpoints.

Police say they tested 171 people and arrested 60. They also arrested three others for non-DUI offenses. They cited another 36 people for offenses at the checkpoint and recovered two stolen vehicles recovered.

Police also say they had no fatal accidents.

Inside a Chop Shop

LAS VEGAS -- In a matter of minutes, car thieves can break in, steal and strip your vehicle, selling its parts for thousands on the black market. Experts want to show how they do it, because Las Vegas drivers are some of the most vulnerable in the country.

Experts say while valley theft numbers have gone down the last few years, common sense and a few simple steps will help put the brakes on this bad problem.

A three-man mock thief team gets their game plan together, preparing to dismantle a 2007 Toyota Camry down to the frame. Now you see it, now you don't.

SLIDESHOW: Inside a Chop Shop

"It's an eye opener to see just how quickly a car can be stolen and stripped of it's parts," said Metro Auto Theft Sgt. Andrew Patzer.

Attorneys Argue for New Trial for O.J. Simpson

LAS VEGAS -- O.J. Simpson is serving year two of a 33-year Nevada prison sentence for robbery and kidnapping. Friday, his legal team asked Nevada's Supreme Court for a new trial.

Simpson was found guilty with co-defendant Clarence Stewart for stealing sports memorabilia at gunpoint at Palace Station. The attorneys for the two men say the trial judge had it out for them from the beginning.

Simpson's attorney told three Supreme Court justices that Judge Jackie Glass unfairly embarrassed them in the eyes of the jury.

"There was this pervasive feeling that was created that Brent and myself and the rest of the defense lawyers were basically children and that David and Chris were God," said Simpson's attorney Yale Galanter.

"Was her conduct so prejudicial that the jury felt that she was taking one side or the other? Really, that's the inquiry? My perspective, the answer is no," said District Attorney David Roger.