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Fremont Street Experience boss goes undercover |

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Fremont Street Experience boss goes undercover

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- A popular Las Vegas attraction is the focus of tomorrow's new episode of "Undercover Boss" right here on CBS. The staff at the Fremont Street Experience were able to show their CEO what it takes to run the operations of one of the busiest streets in the country.

CEO Andrew Simon says this was a great way to showcase what the Fremont Street Experiance is all about. He also learned a lot about jobs that keep this place running and finds ways for improvement. He took part in jobs that are greuling, demanding, and can leave a person in a lot of pain. "At the end of the day we wanted to see how we can make peoples job easier at the Fremont Street Experience," Simon said. "Going there and getting my hands dirty."

When he was working the zipline he asked if a lot of people quit and was told yes, because they cant handle it. When picking up trash he was told it can take a person a year to get used to the job.

"So many people think this is staged but i did not know what i was doing or who i was doing it with until i got there," Simon said. He was disguised as a man who went by the name Ken Masters. The shooting for the show took place over the course of a week last summer.

Simon was born and raised in Long Island where growing up he learned all sorts of jobs at his parent's summer camp. Now as CEO he admits the workers he oversees do some very hard work. "Going up there and being up there for about 10 hours and clean garbage on top of the canopy. That was the most greuling," Simon said about working on top of the video canopy that covers the Fremont Street Experience.

"No one recognized me as far as I know," Simon said. "But you have to see the show to see what happens."

Simon says during this experience he also got to learn more about his employees and the hard work they do every day and night.

"Undercover Boss" airs Friday night on KLAS Channel 8.