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COVID-19 Safety: Divided by a barrier |

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COVID-19 Safety: Divided by a barrier

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- It's been more than a year of social distancing, mask wearing and using plexiglass, but some of those COVID-19 mitigation measures may not go away.

Fifteen months ago, being divided by a barrier may have seemed ridiculous, but it was a way for businesses to keep their employees and customers safe. As restrictions ease, there are mixed feelings about the plexiglass you see everywhere.

"We aren't as scared about coronavirus now as we were a year ago," said Saba Hendaia. "So, why not take them down?"

At Rachel's Kitchen, the future of plexiglass is still unknown.

"I think it's the safety factor," said Debbie Roxarcade, owner of the eatery. "It's more for our team members than anything else."

As a busy restaurant, they are constantly faced with people who may or may not be sick.

"I think the public has become very comfortable now, walking around without their masks, especially with all the changes being done," said Roxarcade.

It won't hurt them to have the plexiglass continue shielding against any potential risks. Roxarcade says they might take the plexiglass down once most of her employees are fully vaccinated.

"I am okay with them staying up," said Mason Isquith. "As more people get their vaccines, though, we can start taking them down. The fact that they have them is great; it helps stop the spread."

But it seems like what was once abnormal has now become the norm.

"I might be a little nervous, but I am healthy," said Deanna Langer. "I am vaccinated, so I'm not too panicked at this point in the game."

8 News Now did speak with a local company that makes plexiglass. They advise businesses, if you are taking them down, you might want to store them somewhere for a few months.