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Remembering Bailey: A first-hand account of the importance of pet insurance |

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Remembering Bailey: A first-hand account of the importance of pet insurance

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — 8 News Now got you caught up in the doodle craze, but now, we are focusing on a side that many dog owners tend to ignore — dog health.

Having a dog can be fun, but any owner can tell you having a doodle is a lot of work and it can be expensive.

Pet insurance is highly recommended by any vet.

My family learned that the hard way.

This was the troublemaker that ruled our home:

Bailey was an f1b Goldendoodle. He was healthy, energetic and made his presence known everywhere he went.

“Bailey was super fun and an energetic Goldendoodle,” said owner Moises Kristich. “Bailey was a very healthy dog. He went to his regular vet checkups. He always got five stars at the vet appointments and he didn’t have any health issues that we knew of at the moment.

But in a blink of an eye, everything changed after he woke up from a nap, completely tuned out.

“That was a very long and sad night,” Kristich said. “It was extremely difficult because we didn’t know what was wrong with him.”

“He was having walking issues, couldn’t see. That quickly led to more health issues like vomiting and seizures,” Kristich continued.

After a midnight rush to the emergency room and several tests, Bailey’s health spiraled.

We had no other choice but to say goodbye.

“He was still a puppy. It was one of the hardest things to take in,” Kristich said. “He was only a year and two months. You never expect to lose a dog so young.”

Veterinarian Doctor Jessica Jensen with MVS Petcare, says while most mix breed dogs are healthier, there are diseases like hip and bone dysplasia, but they are treatable.

“It’s hard for us as humans not to know the answers,” Dr. Jensen said. “Insurance for your pet is definitely very helpful because there is always going to be those unexpected emergencies. It adds up very quickly and it can be very expensive.”

Dr. Jensen says pet insurance is different than ours. There are policies for emergency care and others only for preventive care, so it is important to research.

Bailey had insurance, but what he did not have — enough time.

Bailey's health insurance did not cover his expenses because this happened during the grace period which would mean he now had a precondition. That made the vet bills soar and we never found out what caused his reaction.

The vet mentioned a possible neurological issue.