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Police Sent Letters to Possible Costco Shooting Witnesses | Crime

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Police Sent Letters to Possible Costco Shooting Witnesses

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas police detectives are reaching out to shoppers of the Summerlin Costco where 38-year-old Erik Scott was shot and killed by police. Letters have been sent to more than 100 shoppers who may have witnessed the officer involved shooting.

Metro says Scott pointed a pistol at police outside the store and eyewitnesses backed up that story up. But soon, other shoppers came forward with a different version of events, saying Scott was no threat at all.

Police have mailed or faxed more than 100 letters to shoppers whose membership cards were scanned at the Costco on July 10, around the time of the incident.

Scott was shot seven times by three officers.

The letter from Metro's homicide unit urges the customers to cooperate in the investigation if they witnessed anything important before, during, or after the deadly shooting.

Scott had two concealed weapons on him that busy Saturday afternoon at Costco.

Police were called when store employees said Scott was acting erratically inside. Scott's friends and family dispute claims that he was acting dangerously and have a launched a community-wide campaign urging police to find the truth.

So far, Metro says it has been unable to retrieve video from Costco's surveillance system. Police say hard drives containing the video have been sent to a lab in California for extraction. But they also say the incident may not have been captured at all.

Metro will not comment on the letters or the investigation and say any surveillance video or 911 tapes will not be released before the coroner's inquest. That hearing will determine whether the officer's actions were justified, excusable, or criminal.

It has been postponed indefinitely as this investigation continues.