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Police Radio Recordings Reveal Chaos of Costco Shooting | Crime

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Police Radio Recordings Reveal Chaos of Costco Shooting

LAS VEGAS -- We are now getting our first listen to what police officers encountered in July's shooting outside a Summerlin Costco. Three officers shot Eric Scott seven times after they say he pulled out a concealed handgun.

Las Vegas police's radio traffic from that day reveal what officers heard minutes before they fatally shot Eric Scott outside the front entrance to Costco.

Over the radio, you can hear the officer make the shot's fired call and then ask for medical units. The officer then says, "He pulled a 413 and pointed it at my direction." That "413" the officer refers to is police code for a firearm.

Listen to Metro's radio traffic from the Costco shooting (Starts at 6:53)

Minutes before, employees at Costco called 911 about Scott. According to the radio recordings, Metro was told Scott was acting erratic and throwing merchandise on the ground.

Metro dispatchers told officers in the field that Scott was possibly on drugs, and may have been suffering from excited delirium. The radio recording shows what officers were hearing about Scott's state of mind.

"He's throwing merchandise around. He's still in aisle 126 in the camping area. Break. Appears fidgety. A female joined the male. She's described as Hispanic, 30's, black long hair, wearing black tank and blue jeans," said the dispatcher.

That woman mentioned by police was Scott's girlfriend, who was there at the Costco.

Scott's family and multiple witnesses say that Scott did not have a gun in his hand as police shot him. Scott was a medical supply salesman and West Point graduate.

The recordings were posted on radioreference.com, a website that records police channels, and later posted on YouTube.

Metro says they have not had a chance to compare these online recordings with their own recordings to see if anything was left out.

Metro also says in a statement,"The tape speaks for itself. It demonstrates the professionalism that police handled the situation."

In a statement, the Scott family attorney, Ross Goodman, said, "Metro will not release the recording of the 911 calls and Costco surveillance video until the inquest which has been indefinitely postponed. Instead, Metro wants to hide behind the veil of secrecy of an ongoing investigation and leak only audio portions of the officers transmissions without all of the officers responses contained in the MDT (Mobile Date Terminal). The family deserves a complete chronology of these events and the public is entitled to it."

The coroner's inquest into the shooting was scheduled for September 3, but has been delayed indefinitely.