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New Shooting Park Stirs Emotions | Business

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New Shooting Park Stirs Emotions

A shooting park that has been the center of much debate in northwest Las Vegas is one step closer to opening up for business.

On Tuesday, Nevada's top Republicans and Democrats were in the valley to dedicate the Clark County Shooting Park which is located near Decatur and Grand Teton.

It took years and help from politicians like U.S. Senator Harry Reid, Congreewoman Shelley Berkley and Senator John Ensign for the controversial shooting park to become a reality.

"This is going to provide tourism activities -- not only gun safety and education --  but also the tourist attraction that I think this could become for Southern Nevada is tremendous," Ensign said.

A 148-acre first phase is expected to open by December with trap, skeet, archery, pistol, rifle and shotgun ranges, plus a pro shop, classrooms and cafeteria.

Top leaders say there's finally a place where old time Nevada tradition can carry on. But while the sound of gunfire might be music to some ears, it's like nails on a chalkboard for nearby residents Michael and Michelle Twomey who can see the shooting park from their backyard.

"If I knew when I bought this house that that would be going there, there is no way I would have spent all of the money on this house," Michael Twomey said.

The couple has invested a lot of money in their backyard and now they are worried their personal paradise is about to be ruined.

"I know what it sounds like on the Fourth of July and that's what I'm envisioning and I think that is what is going to be heard, just constant shooting," said Michelle Twomey.

But Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins had no empathy. "They can call Uhaul and pack their ass and leave," he said. Commissioner Collins says the park is more than a half-mile away. He said residents who complain need to get a life.

"Pack your shit and go home. That's my feelings," he said.

"Build one in his backyard and see how he feels," said Michelle Twomey.  They say even if they wanted to leave they couldn't. They say trying to sell their home complete with a shooting park in their backyard will be impossible.