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National Job Numbers Up, Results Seen in Las Vegas | Business

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National Job Numbers Up, Results Seen in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- The national unemployment rate remains high, but the country saw job growth of 162,000 new jobs in March. Some are being created right here in Las Vegas.

The Les Olson Company is in the business of selling and leasing copiers and printers to businesses. Six people were recently hired to help with sales. The company admits it's been lucky to piggyback off of other businesses thriving in the economy.

"We're seeing a lot of attorneys, doctors, and CPA's are increasing their volume," said sales manager Mike Augason.

The family-owned business is all about networking to keep expanding. It's something Chris Byrd knows very well. He just opened a cell phone store called Byrd Phones.

"We have 385 people on our service in Las Vegas," he said.

Byrd sacrificed his 401K to follow his dreams. He says his business model attracts clients.

"The no credit check, no contract. Nobody wants a two year contract," he said.

He plans to open two more stores by May. So far he has hired 15 people and is looking for 30 more.

"I feel like its going to go over like wildfire," he said.

If it's anything these businesses have in common is the opportunity to find a niche -- realizing there is a demand for a product.