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Las Vegas Car Dealership Holds Job Fair | News

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Las Vegas Car Dealership Holds Job Fair

LAS VEGAS -- More than 50 jobs will be up for grabs Wednesday night at Towbin Dodge. The opening of this new northwest auto dealership comes at a time when the auto industry is suffering and other local dealerships have been forced to close. The new dealership will open in April.  

With fewer car buyers in the market, auto dealers must stand out from the rest. At Towbin, it may be The Chopper, flashy commercials and a giant gong that draw attention but some customers say it's as simple as getting what they want.

"Cheap prices was pretty much it and American cars. I'm big on American cars," said Emmanuel Beacham, car buyer.

"The service we have always got from him even when he was down at Sahara. We always come back to him," said Frank Perone, car buyer.

"Our strategy has always been to treat the customer like family and always look for the future business instead of that one deal," said Josh Towbin, better known as Chop and co-owner of the business. Towbin is known for his flamboyant commercials and television show. He says in this economy it's the sale of used cars that are keeping their dealerships in the red.

"It is a great bargain to buy a pre-owned car. That is a smart purchase and I think people are really watching their budgets now and I think used cars are really popular and I think we are kind of the go to dealer for used cars," he said.

Even with car sales down by 16 percent in the valley, Towbin says he's doing well enough to expand and that's why he is opening the new dealership.

"We are already seeing a lot more traffic at our dealership and we are selling a lot more cars right now in our stores and this addition of this new store is really exciting for us," he said.

With the closure of other dealerships, Towbin believes there is a great employee market.

The job fair will be February 24, Wednesday night from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.