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Inquest into Costco Shooting Postponed | Crime

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Inquest into Costco Shooting Postponed

LAS VEGAS -- The Clark County Coroner says they have postponed the inquest into an officer involved shooting at a Summerlin Costco.

Erik Scott was killed by Las Vegas police as he left the Costco on July 10. The inquest was originally scheduled for September 3, but has been postponed indefinitely.

The decision to postpone the inquest was made after the Clark County District Attorney's Office requested more time to gather information about the case. Postponing an inquest is rare, but not unheard of.

According to District Attorney David Roger, his office asked for the delay for several reasons. Roger says his office has not received the reports and witness statements from Metro Police. Once the DA's office gets that information, attorney's will need to time to review it. He says there could be 100 to 200 witnesses.

Roger also says the original inquest date was scheduled the day before Labor Day. He believes the inquest will require at least two days and he didn't want a holiday splitting up the proceedings.

Scott was carrying a firearm inside the store, but had a legal permit allowing him to carry a gun concealed. Police say he pointed the weapon at officers when confronted, but several witness reports deny that.

Police were summoned to the store after employees say Scott was destroying merchandise and acting erratically. Other witnesses say Scott was placing water bottles in a backpack to see if they fit. Employees eventually evacuated the store. Scott was confronted by police as he left the building.

Police have refused to release 911 calls relating to the incident.

The attorney for Scott's family, Ross Goodman, found out late Tuesday that the inquest was postponed. He said he's very upset Metro is holding back key pieces of evidence from the public nearly three weeks later.

"We want the video. We want the 911 tape. Sheriff Gillespie is having press conferences saying to have everybody be patient. But where is the tape and where is the video? At least tell us what the status of the video of is. At least tell us what the status of the 911 tape is. Because when they come out, they will vindicate Erik Scott," he said.

Costco's surveillance system has also come under scrutiny. Police say the store's camera system may not have captured the incident. They have sent hard drives from the system for forensic analysis at a lab in California.

After requesting comment from Sheriff Doug Gillespie about the delay, a Metro spokesperson said he was not available.