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Hundreds of Teachers Face Uncertain Job Future | News

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Hundreds of Teachers Face Uncertain Job Future

LAS VEGAS -- Unless the Clark County School District can find other ways to cut about $125 million from its budget, more than 500 local teachers could get pink slips in May.

The Clark County Education Association which represents teachers says it's in negotiations with the school district to try to save as many teaching jobs as possible.

While schools brace for the worst-case scenario, the union is telling its members not to panic and not to believe every thing they hear.

"I've always said that a teacher's working conditions are a student's learning conditions so when you have teachers who, on top of everything else they have to deal with, testing, mandates, lesson plans, are now worried about whether they're gonna have a job or not, it's just another added pressure," said Ruben Murillo, Clark County Education Association.

The school district must make approximately another $125 million in cuts in addition to the $230 million already made. If layoffs cannot be avoided, the union estimates more than 500 teachers could lose their jobs as well as about 130 school administrators.

The union is in contract negotiations with the school district now to see what other areas might be able to be cut before people lose their jobs. They are also looking at whether a combination of other alternatives including work furloughs, step freezes, benefit reductions, or even pay cuts could offset potential layoffs.

Despite the dismal news, the principal of Clark High School says it's in the nature of most teachers to persevere.

"Regardless of what cuts or layoffs are eventually made, it's my job to maintain the integrity of our students' academic education. It's my job to make sure these students get what they need to be successful and I'm confident we can make that happen," said Jill Pendleton, Clark High School principal.

The school district will brief the trustees during a special school board meeting on March 26th and more details could come out at that time.

The union says it will update its members regularly on its website along with mailers, recorded phone messages and even school site visits.