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Dangerous Police Pursuit Ends at Casino Garage | News

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Dangerous Police Pursuit Ends at Casino Garage

LAS VEGAS -- A high-speed chase involving a stolen vehicle ended at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino with two people in custody Tuesday morning.

The high-speed chase started around 6 a.m. Police say 32-year-old Jason Dillinger and 27-year-old Ashley Shaheen drove through the northwest section of the valley as well as North Las Vegas and along U.S. 95 north.

"We back off so the suspect vehicle can't even see us, then the air unit takes over because they usually don't see the air unit overhead, and that way they won't drive quite so crazy," said Officer Barbara Morgan, Metro.

The suspects drove into the parking garage just before 7 a.m. followed by dozens of police who surrounded the area. Las Vegas police say Dillinger suspect ran into the casino and pulled a gun on a security guard.

They say Dillinger then ran back into the garage where he was taken into custody. Shaheen was also arrested. 

Metro says they were responding to a call of a vehicle burglary at Kilroy's Bar and Grill on Grand Canyon and Flamingo when the suspects took off at a high rate of speed.

"The bartender looked on the camera and saw someone was backed up against my van.  They bagged in and busted out my window, then took off. He got their license plate and called Metro out," said Dee Tolliver, whose minivan was burglarized.

Tolliver said the suspects stole a $39 tool set from his minivan.

Dillinger is facing charges of possessing a stolen vehicle, evading a police officer, assault with a deadly weapon, carrying a concealed weapon, and five counts of possession of stolen property. Shaheen is facing two counts of possession of stolen vehicle and one count of conspiracy to commit, carrying a concealed weapon.

Police say the suspects were in a white Scion that was reported stolen on Jan. 13th.