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County Fire Want to Raise Fees on Businesses Over 600-Percent | News

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County Fire Want to Raise Fees on Businesses Over 600-Percent

LAS VEGAS -- New businesses looking to open shop could face hefty fees when it comes to installing fire alarm systems. Right now it's a process that costs roughly $75. But it could soon cost more than $600.

The Clark County Fire Department is suggesting the changes in an effort to ensure those using the services are supporting the cost of the inspections and monitoring they require.

For new business owners, the changes leave them reeling. At Leticia's Mexican Cocina in Northwest Las Vegas, they don't understand why they fee would increase.

"We've done everything by the book and we want to keep it that way. But it puts a crutch on us to fail in a short span of time," said Leticia Gardea.

Her new restaurant is equipped with a fire alarm system, but her concern is now for other potential businesses looking to open up in a shopping center that's slowly starting to pick up.

"Everybody is holding on and for them to do that to us is kicking us right where it hurts. And if we are standing on one leg, they are going to kick us in the knee. Give us that opportunity to grow," she said. "It's a catch 22. You do that to us and we are going to go backwards and continue to hurt the economy."

Residents have until March 31, 2010 to submit their concerns or comments on this. You can submit by emailing the county, mail, or hand delivering their comments or even by fax.