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Alleged Serial Sex Assault Suspect Arrested | Crime

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Alleged Serial Sex Assault Suspect Arrested

LAS VEGAS -- A man accused of sexually assaulting women is behind bars, but police believe there may still be victims who haven't come forward.

Police have been looking for 27-year-old Antonio Farias for the last few weeks. Late Tuesday night, two patrol officers pulled over Farias for a traffic violation. He matched the physical description and sketch given to them by victims and his car had one specific item police were looking for -- a sticker of the Disney character Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Police say Farias has been on the hunt for women since May. Five victims said he approached them in his car while they were walking or sitting at a bus stop near Flamingo and Arville in the early morning hours.

The victims described him as polite -- he'd offer them a ride -- but once they were inside, he would drive away then assault them.

Some of the victims were wooed by his demeanor and would voluntarily get in his car. Police say others were forced. He even took some back to the location where he picked them up. One was able to escape.

Police say even though he's in custody, they believe there may be other victims because of his pattern.

"We're very cautious before we start placing a number of crimes under one person, but the information in this case was specific enough and the description was specific, we have enough to say he was part of a series. He didn't know any of these women, they aren't friends, they aren't acquaintances, so yes, I would say he is a serial criminal," said Lt. Christopher Carroll with Metro's Sexual Assault Detail.

This is not Farias' first run-in with police: he was charged with open and gross lewdness last September and is awaiting trial. This time, he's charged with two counts of attempted sexual assault and two counts of kidnapping.

Police say he has been cooperative, but he has not admitted to any of the crimes.

If you recognize Farias or have any information about him, call police at (702) 385-5555.