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Free sandbags for flood protection

LAS VEGAS - With monsoon season comes the risk of flooding and the need to be proactive in flood protection.

If you believe you may need sandbags to protect your property, two locations provide them for free.

Sandbags are available for free, along with free sand, outside the City of Las Vegas West Service Center. The sand pile is located at the three-way stop at Romenus Drive and Sauer Drive, which is located behind the Rainbow Library on North Buffalo Drive and West Cheyenne Avenue. Sandbags, sand and a filler are available at the site; you will need to bring your own shovel.

Sandbags also are available for free along with free sand outside the City of Las Vegas East Service Center. The sand pile is located on the east side of North Mojave Road, across from Lied Animal Shelter at 655 N. Mojave Road. There is also a sandbag filler; you will need to bring your own shovel. 

Moms hold 'nurse-in' to educate people about breastfeeding laws

LAS VEGAS -- Dozens of moms held a peaceful rally Wednesday after one nursing mother was questioned about breastfeeding inside the Centennial Hills YMCA

It is called a "nurse-in," where groups of moms gather in a public place to breastfeed their babies.

Nevada law says breastfeeding in any public place is legal. That includes any place they are authorized to be, including in or around a pool.

The moms at the rally say the nurse-in called Operation Feed the Babies is about education and awareness.

Nikola Samson was questioned at Garside Public Pool for breastfeeding.

“He told me that breasts were considered genitalia,” Samson said, “I said I could breast feed any where I wanted to.”

Charity Schneider was asked not to breastfeed at the Centennial Hills YMCA in the pool.

“She said, ‘Ma'am we were told that you were breastfeeding here and we were told that is not permitted,” Schneider said. “I breast fed discreetly.”

Fresh rain brings flooding concerns

LAS VEGAS - Mother Nature brought a fresh round of rain to the valley Monday, raising concerns of additional flooding on Tuesday.

With monsoon season in full swing, first responders are reminding the public about the risks that come with thunderstorms and flooding.

Heavy rain on Mount Charleston Monday afternoon sent a river of water down the mountain and into northwest valley neighborhoods.

The water’s speed, combined with debris that it carries, makes it extremely dangerous.

Tim Szymanski with Las Vegas Fire and Rescue says he and his team are ready to help anyone stranded or hurt in a flash flood.

Firefighters undergo special training to prepare them to respond to disasters. Szymanski says responding to flood-related emergencies can be dangerous for emergency crews. He urges the community to avoid flood water at all costs.

Northwest neighbors taking flooding, construction in stride

LAS VEGAS -- It's a monsoon deja vu for people living in parts of the northwest valley. Storms coming down Sunday night meant a messy commute Monday morning, especially along Grand Teton Drive.

It is the same neighborhood where roads turned into rivers last year due to flash flooding. A major flood control project is now underway to help divert rainwater off the roads.

But for now, many neighbors are taking both the rain and the construction in stride.

People who live in the neighborhood near Grand Teton and Buffalo drives say the construction is necessary.

The saying goes "when it rains, it pours" and that was the case at Rosati's pizza Sunday night.

"Our phones were ringing like crazy! That's good, that's good," Rosati’s owner Ken Corbett said.

Corbett says he made 70 pizza deliveries in just a matter of hours because a monsoon storm flooded streets, kept people home and calling out for dinner.

UPDATE: Flash flood warning extended until 6

LAS VEGAS -- The National Weather Service has extended the flash flood warning for Clark County until 6 p.m. Monday.

Weather service doppler radar indicated flash flooding from a thunderstorm near Kyle Canyon campground on Mt. Charleston. The storm producing flash flooding was nearly stationary. The storm is over the area burned by the Carpenter 1 fire. Runoff from the burn area will eventually wash into the far northwest part of the Las Vegas valley including the area along Grand Teton Drive.

Radar also indicates flash flooding from a thunderstorm near Sandy Valley. The storm was located on Sandy Valley Road between Sandy Valley and Goodsprings, according to the weather service.

There is a chance for isolated thunderstorms for the Las Vegas valley Monday afternoon and evening. There is a chance of heavy rain, lightning and gusty winds with these storms.

Vehicle buried in mud after driving in flood basin

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Officials say a vehicle was buried in mud over the weekend after its driver tried to cruise through a Las Vegas-area retention basin as it filled with runoff.

Spokeswoman Erin Neff of the Clark County Regional Flood Control District says the male driver was helped out by a friend and was not hurt in the Sunday evening incident. But she says another vehicle that tried to winch out the first one also got stuck.

Neff says the man was driving through the Kyle Canyon Detention Basin following an afternoon rainstorm when waters from the nearby Spring Mountains started rushing into it.

The water rose to about eight feet.

Neff said people need to stay out of the basin and should be careful about potentially deadly flash floods after desert rainstorms.