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Board Suspends Doctor's License After Arrest

LAS VEGAS -- The Nevada Board of Medical Examiners suspended the license of a doctor Tuesday who has been indicted on charges related to the distribution of controlled substances.

Dr. Vinay Kumar Bararia has been suspended from practicing medicine in Nevada pending an order from either an investigative committee or the medical board.

Bararia practiced internal medicine at Centennial Hills Hospital. In March, he was arrested and charged with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. The complaint filed against him detailed five undercover officers buying controlled substances from him, according to the medical board's suspension order.

As a condition of his release, Bararia voluntarily surrendered his Drug Enforcement Administration certificate of registration and was prohibited from ordering, possessing, dispensing or prescribing any controlled substances.

I-Team: Inside Chimps' Lives Before Deadly Shooting

LAS VEGAS -- The story of Buddy the chimpanzee's death is a sad one, but one with no discernible bad guys.

At every step of their lives, Buddy and his chimp pal CJ were adored, even spoiled, by humans who absolutely loved them.

But in a sense, it was that unbounded affection that led to Buddy being killed in the street by police, and has left CJ living in a backyard cage by herself.

"Shame on the industry that breeds them for profit or entertainment," animal welfare activist Linda Faso said. "They are darling when they are babies and deadly when they are adults."

Chimp Saga Ends in Northwest Las Vegas Neighborhood

Teachers Spend Summer Learning New Skills

Teachers Spend Summer Learning New Skills

Thousands of Clark County School District teachers are not really taking the summer off. Instead they are spending part of their summer in the classroom.

More than 3,000 teachers are spending June, July and August in professional development classes at the Northwest Career and Technical Academy. Tougher curriculum will be taught in southern Nevada classrooms this coming school year so teachers must be ready with new skills and strategies.

"We tend to get complacent. So, it is good to keep learning and have different strategies to teach the kids," fifth grade teacher Sonja Clark said.  

Federal grant money is helping fund the development sessions. Classes are being offered in several different disciplines, including math, science and technology.

Vehicle Strikes, Kills Man in Wheelchair

LAS VEGAS -- A pedestrian is dead after being hit by a vehicle near Cheyenne Avenue and Jones Boulevard in northwest Las Vegas, a Metro spokesperson confirmed.

The male pedestrian was traveling in a wheelchair on Maverick Street at Cheyenne in what Metro Police call an "implied crosswalk". There is not a marked crosswalk at the intersection.

A Ford Mustang swerved to avoid striking the man, but still hit him. The driver says he didn't see the pedestrian prior to the collision.

The man was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. He is the latest roadway casualty in a year that's been dangerous and deadly.

"We're trying to get people to understand, to pay attention on the roadways, to watch what's going on, and it just seems like over the last two days, we've had three fatalities," said Metro Police Sgt. Richard Strader. "We're scratching our heads at this point."

Metro Officer Involved in Shooting Identified

LAS VEGAS -- The Metro Police officer involved in a shooting at a 7-Eleven has been identified as 34-year-old Steven Lehmann.

According to Metro Police, Lehmann has been with the force since 2009.

The shooting happened early Tuesday morning when Lehmann pulled into a 7-Eleven at Lake Mead and Jones Boulevards as an alleged robbery was underway inside the store.

Police said the officer shot one of the two suspects after the suspect aimed a gun at him. The suspect was taken to University Medical Center for treatment.

Mount Charleston Recreation Areas Get Facelift

LAS VEGAS -- There are some changes underway at a popular mountain getaway for southern Nevadans.

"Every campground is full," said Tonya Carroll. The Las Vegas mom had hoped to escape with her children, Sarah, Evan and Abby, to Mount Charleston.

She found her favorite spot, Kyle Canyon Campground, closed. 

"We actually drove by the first time and we saw the big 18-wheeler. I saw that and I thought something must be going on there," Carroll said.

Something is going on. Two campgrounds are being merged and U.S. Forest Service workers are bringing all trails, buildings and parking lots, up to code.

As it turns out, Carroll's favorite camping spot is in the middle of a flood plain and will remain closed. Due to safety issues, the former campground will turned into a picnic area.

Voters approved investing millions of dollars to make the changes to the somewhat rudimentary trails and parking lots.

Counterless Eliminates Need to Wait in Line for Food

LAS VEGAS -- UNLV film school graduate Chris Shepherd recalls meeting a young woman at a bar and promising to buy her a drink, an ordeal that required navigating his slight frame through a crowd three rows thick just to reach the counter.

"By the time I got the drinks she was gone," Shepherd said.

It wasn't an opportunity completely missed, though. The experience of fighting long lines prompted Shepherd and business partner Mike Manzano to form the Las Vegas tech startup Counterless. On June 25 the company unveiled a free smartphone app for iPhone and Android users designed to let customers order food from fast food restaurants and mobile food trucks without needing to wait in line.