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The importance of safety during your day on the water

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- As we gear up for boating season, Lake Mead is sure to be a hot spot destination. But with so many people out on the water, it's important to know how to stay safe.

Even if you are a good swimmer, the waves that occur in a lake are a lot different than the waves you will encounter in your pool. “They never stop, and they are unrelenting," said Nick Duhe of the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

While they are fun to lounge on, pool floats are for the pool. Duhe says bringing these toys to the lake is not recommended.

"The wind will catch those pool toys, catch an edge, blow it over, and if that doesn't cause the problem, what happens is it starts to go away, and people try to go out and swim and catch it," he explained.

Usually, places like Boulder Beach have life vests to use, but the problem is, they don't get returned... Read More

War veteran raises awareness for childhood hunger one pushup at a time

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In this week’s “8 Points of Community Pride,” we beam a proud light on Iraqi War veteran Sgt. Patrick Parker or, “Sgt. Pushup,” as he’s known for his commitment to helping children during the pandemic. 

This week, the sergeant did 1,000 pushups at the Three Square Food Bank to raise awareness and funds for childhood hunger.

"As a veteran, the one thing I want people to understand it's not about what you did. I served in Iraq, got two bronze stars from that, but that was then. What are you doing today?” Sgt. Patrick Parker said. “And if we can't help the children, then who are we?"

He also wrote an anti-germ comic workbook and his push for hunger awareness has already gotten over 365,000 meals for Children Across America. 

Thank you for your service Sgt. Pushup!... Read More

Inside Nellis Air Force Base, Pt. 2: The US Air Force Weapons School

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- We're taking you inside Nellis Air Force Base to highlight the advanced tactics and technology airmen are using to help defend the United States.

Of course, it all begins with training.

The U.S. Air Force Weapons School, located at Nellis, provides top-notch preparation to mold some of the best and brightest airmen in the country, so they can take the skies by storm. It is truly a one-of-a-kind classroom.

"What we do is train our students to become tactical experts in their combat specialty," said Maj. Joseph Butler, chief command and control (C2) integration / air battle manager (ABM) weapons instructor course (WIC).

Butler is an instructor at the weapons school. He says the doctorate-level course runs twice a year, with anywhere from 100 to 130 airmen from all over the country in each class. The course involves a couple of weeks of academics... Read More

COVID-19 Safety: Divided by a barrier

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- It's been more than a year of social distancing, mask wearing and using plexiglass, but some of those COVID-19 mitigation measures may not go away.

Fifteen months ago, being divided by a barrier may have seemed ridiculous, but it was a way for businesses to keep their employees and customers safe. As restrictions ease, there are mixed feelings about the plexiglass you see everywhere.

"We aren't as scared about coronavirus now as we were a year ago," said Saba Hendaia. "So, why not take them down?"

At Rachel's Kitchen, the future of plexiglass is still unknown.

"I think it's the safety factor," said Debbie Roxarcade, owner of the eatery. "It's more for our team members than anything else."

As a busy restaurant, they are constantly faced with people who may or may not be sick... Read More

Local moms treated to VIP spa treatment ahead of Mother’s Day

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A local group of moms were able to get full VIP spa treatment just ahead of Mother's Day.

Capelli Salon partnered with T3 Micro and Freedom and Fashion to make it happen.

Freedom and Fashion is a local nonprofit that uses beauty and fashion to empower women and girls to overcome things like sex trafficking and domestic violence.

Both of those have spiked during the pandemic as people were home more.

“It’s really important now more than ever that we raise awareness of the issue and injustice of the crime but also the strength of the people persevering through this,” said Laverne Delgado — Executive Director of Freedom and Fashion. “Being a mother is hard enough as it is, doing it through a pandemic when you're overcoming sex trafficking, domestic violence — they're among the strongest people on earth.”... Read More

I-Team: Police find man with nearly 600 stolen DETR account numbers

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- A Romanian national is accused of installing skimming devices at ATMs across the Las Vegas valley and stealing bank card numbers, Metro police say. It's an issue the I-Team continues to dig into.

When police visited the man’s apartment, they found nearly 600 cards with DETR account numbers, they said.

The devices that Marian Poenaru, 20, allegedly set up can obtain a card holder’s account information and record a person entering their PIN.

Marian Poenaru (KLAS)

In late April, detectives responded to two incidents involving the skimmers at Bank of America ATMs, one at 5240 Boulder Highway and a second at 2798 Green Valley Parkway, police said.

Bank of America provided police with video of three men installing the skimmer, an arrest report said. Police were able to obtain a license plate in the video and found the car several days later at an apartment complex near Rainbow and Smoke Ranch Road... Read More

Woman killed near Tropicana and Las Vegas Boulevard; Metro's still searching for the suspect

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- Metro Police are investigating a homicide in Las Vegas just east of the Strip. According to Metro, at around 2:40 p.m., police were called to the Motel 6 in the 100 block of E. Tropicana Avenue about a woman who was suffering from injuries.

Once at the Motel 6, Metro Lt. Richard Meyers says officers encountered a "chaotic" scene, with many people at the Motel.

First responders found the woman suffering from unknown injuries, which Lt. Meyers says caused her to fall over in the stairwell of the motel.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

After the preliminary investigation, police say they discovered the incident was related to a domestic disturbance between the woman and a man. That man being called a "person of interest," and is described as a black man in his mid 20s and approximately 6' tall... Read More