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Tivoli Village Officially Opens | News

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Tivoli Village Officially Opens

LAS VEGAS -- The opening of Tivoli Village was rescheduled twice over the course of two years, but the wait is now over. The ribbon has been cut and the new shopping development is officially open for business.

Thirty to 40 shops are open as of 10 a.m., and one of the new shop owners is sure it will be a success.

"It was worth it because it's so special. I think people, they come down, they see what we have here, they see what the project looks like and they appreciate it. I think it will be fun," said Guy Penini with Leone Cafe.

If you are not familiar with the difficulties this place has had, it was originally supposed to open in the fall of 2009. That was delayed when the economy went bust, and now that the economy is starting to come back, developers and tenants felt it was the right time to bring this kind of luxury shopping atmosphere to the locals of Las Vegas.

The optimists believe Las Vegas is back, and that the grand opening of this shopping center proves it. It's impossible to say now whether or not Tivoli Village will be a success, but so far it's a big hit with a couple of women in the neighborhood who love the new excitement surrounding it.

"We're excited. We want to have places that we can walk to bike to in our area -- that we can visit that's a little new atmosphere and new life. We like the outdoor patio living, and that's kind of hard to find in Las Vegas," said Heather Duboef.

The development will probably attract even more attention when the rest of it's 770,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space opens up some time next year.