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Boy, 11, arrested after gun goes off in classroom | News

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Boy, 11, arrested after gun goes off in classroom
Ruthe Deskin Elementary School is located at 4550 N. Pioneer Way.

 LAS VEGAS -- An 11-year-old boy at Ruthe Deskin Elementary School was arrested after a gun in his backpack accidentally went off in a classroom Wednesday, Clark County School District Police said.

The .45-caliber, which police say was stolen, was in the boy's backpack and went off around 3:20 p.m. hitting a desk. The shooting occurred before  school was dismissed and there were students in the classroom, school police said at a Thursday news conference.

No one was injured, but one parent whose child was in the classroom says the district should have acted faster to notify parents of what happened.

Rick Heilman couldn't believe the news his daughter shared with him Wednesday afternoon.

"She says, 'dad, there was a gunshot at school today,'" Heilman said. "I had to ask her twice, what?"

The gun went off in the girl's classroom.

Heilman says he didn't hear from the Clark County School District until Thursday morning about what happened.

"I'm very unhappy with the way this has been handled," he said.

He has two daughters who attend the school and kept both home on Thursday until he could get some answers.

"A kid falls on the playground and I get a phone call but gun shots are fired in a classroom and I don't get a phone call? I should have been notified something was going on," Heilman said.

School police said they wanted to make sure the situation was under control and no one was hurt. A notice was sent to parents through CCSD's Inifinite Campus website, police said. 

The boy is facing charges of having a dangerous weapon on school property, discharging a gun at a school and possession of a stolen property. 

School police also found a stolen BB gun in the boy's backpack. They have yet to determine where the boy got the guns. No adults are currently facing charges in this case.

The school campus was never placed on  lockdown and students were allowed to go home at the end of the school day.

This is the eighth incident of a gun being found on a school campus since the beginning of the school year.