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Acts of Kindness: Giovanna Raccosta | News

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Acts of Kindness: Giovanna Raccosta

LAS VEGAS - Excitement builds at the Boys Town in northwest Las Vegas. The kids are receiving a little cheer for the holidays. The bedrooms, which have not been remodeled in 23 years, are undergoing a major update.

"A lot of these guys come from nothing. They don't have anything nice to call their own. They come in with a small little box in their hands," said foster parent Doug Spellman. "To have something brand new, they're going to freak out."

There are three homes for boys and two for girls. Each is structured with a host couple. Originally founded as a nonprofit dedicated to caring for orphaned boys, Boys Town now helps all kids who are going through troubling times.

"Most of them, there is about a six to eight month period that they're here, and they transition back home. Once they've achieved their programs, learned their skills they need to and shown they can work it back at home, we transition them back with their family," said Spellman.

Their rooms, where they spend so much of their time, are going from bleak to chic, thanks to the brainstorming of Giovanna Raccosta.

"It's been wonderful. I have maybe forty people working on this project with no time. In two weeks, (we were) remodeling 15 rooms. It's been beautiful how people pulled together in the community," she said.

The rooms feature colorful, fresh paint, brand new comforters and sheets and a goodie bag with some personal items.

"Each one, pajamas… They will have towels, nice throw, a soft comfy throw, and of course, you have to have Italian chocolate right on top," said Raccosta.

The kids loved their new digs, courtesy of the hard work of Raccosta and her helpers.

8 News NOW is rewarding Giovanna Raccosta's efforts, awarding her $800 as part of its weekly series Acts of Kindness.

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