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Wildfire Filling Neighborhoods with Smoke and Ash | News

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Wildfire Filling Neighborhoods with Smoke and Ash

LAS VEGAS -- People around the Las Vegas valley can see the smoke billowing from the Carpenter One fire and even homes that are not directly in the path of the fire are being impacted.

In fact, people in some neighborhoods in the northwest say ash is falling like snow. It is a reminder that a dangerous fire is burning not too far away.

"The smoke is just really thick. It just covers the whole area. It looks like a war zone, drive home and getting off the freeway," Britney Cooley, who lives near U.S. 95 and Horse Drive, said.

Cooley has asthma and two young children, which is not a good combination when a wildfire on Mt. Charleston is sending out smoke and ash.

"The ash that is falling looks like snow at night. It is that bad," Cooley said.

The ash in Cooley's backyard covers her children's toys and patio furniture. The roads in her neighborhood and the nearby playground are also partly covered in white.

"I can feel it in my eyes this morning. You can tell there is something in the air. It feels almost like allergies but I could tell it is smoke," Damian Doom, who lives near the northern beltway and Jones Boulevard, said.

Doom's sister has a 2-year-old boy who she has had to keep inside most of the time now.

Clark County issued an air quality advisory through Sunday, warning kids, the elderly and people with respiratory problems to stay indoors.

"They say you are supposed to keep them inside. So, we've been trying to keep them in," Stasia Doom, who lives near Durango and Grand Teton drives, said.

Clark County officials cited smoke, weather conditions and levels of pollutants in the air for the warning.