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8 on Your Side: Man Seeks Responsibility for Errant Golf Ball | News

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8 on Your Side: Man Seeks Responsibility for Errant Golf Ball

LAS VEGAS - Dozens of golf courses populate southern Nevada. Some of them, such as Painted Desert Golf Club on Ann Road, sit next to a major highway. Sometimes, disaster strikes.

Anthony Rum was driving his brand new jeep down Ann Road, when a golf ball slammed into the roof of his car.

"It was like an explosion," he said. "I pulled right over, and I didn't know it at the time, but I was almost adjacent to the tee area."

Not knowing what to do, Rum went home and called the golf course. The golf course managers said they tried to find the golfer who hit the ball, but no one claimed responsibility. The managers said the golf course is not responsible.

That is the case in Nevada and in other states. The golf course is not responsible. The golfer who hit the ball is. The same holds true if a person in a park throws an errant Frisbee, or if a tennis ball escapes the tennis court. In these cases, the person, not the location, bears responsibility for damage to property.

"The golfer probably has primary responsibility, but personally, I feel the golf club has superior knowledge. They know about this," Rum said. "Not everybody is a pro golfer."

Painted Desert Golf Club said this is not a common problem. A similar incident happened once before, but the golfer took responsibility. Since this latest incident, golf course owners have added trees along the fence line and resituated the tee box.

Those answers don't sit well with Rum. He's still looking for justice, because fixing the dent in his vehicle will be costly.

"The damage can come to an astounding seven hundred and fifty one dollars," he said.

Comprehensive car insurance would also cover damage like this. Rum doesn't want to file a claim, however. At this point, his only option it to take the golf course to court.

If something like this happens to you, try to find the golfer right away. It may be the only way you can get cash for repairs.

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