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Camping Sites Limited on Mount Charleston | News

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Camping Sites Limited on Mount Charleston
Camping Sites Limited on Mount Charleston

LAS VEGAS -- Hundreds, if not thousands, of Nevadans are expected to visit Mount Charleston this summer to stay cool and enjoy the outdoors, but finding a spot at a campground is pretty slim.

Only two campgrounds are open this summer. Next year, another three are scheduled to open, amounting to about 50 camping spots.

At the Fletcher View campground, there are 13 sites and the Hilltop campground, 35 sites.

"If you do come to the mountain, come early," said Shawnee Hinman of Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. "If you can't find a site, please go to the dispersed areas. Again they are free of charge, but make sure you bring your own supplies."

Campers who can't find a spot should have brought along their own supplies, including GPS, a map, knife, water and extra clothing. Be ready for anything out in the areas away from the campgrounds.

"The reason the other campgrounds aren't open now is because they are under reconstruction," Hinman said.

The hit is inconvenient now, but new restrooms, interactive maps and many other amenities are being constructed at the camp sites.

Some of the changes are already visible.

Mike LaPointe is enjoying his family away from the weekend crowds.

He said he would certainly understand the frustration some might feel to not know if they'll get a spot or not on the campground.

"It's on a first come, first serve basis and if you can't break away from work, it's real tough," he said. "I think once they open those other grounds, they'll keep them full year round."

The next campground to open is in January and the second in the spring. All five should be up and running next year.