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Students Sell Shirts to Help Sandy Victims | News

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Students Sell Shirts to Help Sandy Victims

LAS VEGAS - William and Mary Scherkenbach Elementary School sits on the very edge of the northwest valley. It seems fitting a second grade class, after seeing the damage caused by Superstorm Sandy, is reaching far out to the edge of the east coast to help the storm's victims.

Every student in Ms. Heidi Carr's class designed a t-shirt that will be sold to raise money for Sandy victims.

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"Sandy didn't do that much help. So, we designed t-shirts that we can sell and donate the money to the east coast," said second grader Harlee Shen.

After sifting through the students' shirt designs, they voted on the best one – a shirt designed by second grader Sarah Lichte.

"I did the world, because we don't really know where the east coast is, because we're helping the east coast," she said. "Because we don't want a bunch of people to lose their family."

With the help of a parent, Sarah's design became a reality. To date, the students have raised $250 in t-shirt sales.

The kids, along with other Scherkenbach students, also sold a lot of candy and shipped it to a school back east. Their efforts caught the attention of a teacher in New Jersey.

"She wrote us a letter for thinking of them. So, did the kids, and it happened to be a second grade class as well. So, that's awesome," Carr said.

That letter was signed by Ms. Valese's class from West Orange, New Jersey. Her students also wrote heartfelt thank you's.

"If we don't help them, no one will be there. No one will have survived," Shen said.

Ms. Carr's class caught the attention of the American Red Cross. The Red Cross donated a $745 check to Sandy victims. The money matches the total amount raised by the school for Sandy relief efforts.

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