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Police: Street Racing Resulted in Double Fatal | News

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Police: Street Racing Resulted in Double Fatal

LAS VEGAS --  Police say a street race left two men dead and a woman fighting for her life Sunday at University Medical Center. Police say one driver lost control during the race, and the other driver sped off and hasn't been located.

Centennial Center Boulevard is a winding road with a 35 mph speed limit in the northwest part of the valley. Numerous businesses dot both sides of the street.

Sunday's tragedy has prompted officials to call for increased enforcement on the street which has been the scene of other accidents.

Eyewitness Brian Castaneda saw the wreckage and knew it was bad. He works along Centennial Center Boulevard and said he has seen other wrecks.

"I can count at least six times," Castaneda said. "I know there's a couple memorials down the road there for some folks that passed on not to long ago."

"Up and down the street you're going to see flowers and crosses in the middle of the divider of people who just died here in this spot and they continue to do it. I don't understand why they do it," said Ernie Leon, who works at a nearby auto dealership.

According to police, 19-year-old Tyler Watts and 21-year-old Blake Shirley were racing another car when their car hit the median and flipped uprooting a palm tree, and skidded 250 feet on its roof. They were pronounced dead at the scene. A young woman passenger was sent to the hospital with critical injuries.

"Street racing is a problem," Las Vegas Councilman Steve Ross said. "We've had a lot up and down this corridor and we recognize that."

In April, police say an 18-year-old man died on the same road.

"All day, if you look, nobody is going 25 miles an hour. Everybody's going 35, 45, 55 miles per hour down this street," Leon said.

Police say they hope others learn from this tragedy.

"What I think about now, is what's going though their parents' minds," said Scott Peters, who also works at a nearby auto dealership.

The other car involved is a described as a black sports car. Police say they have witnesses who saw the car double back and check out the crash before speeding off. They are hoping the driver will contact them.