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Chimp's Owner Cited by Clark County | News

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Chimp's Owner Cited by Clark County

LAS VEGAS -- The co-owner of CJ, the chimp, has been cited by Clark County officials for possession of a dangerous animal and for an animal running loose.

Timmi Derosa was cited for both escapes. The first escape occurred in July when CJ and Buddy got loose in a northwest Las Vegas neighborhood. Police ended up shooting and killing Buddy. CJ got loose a second time on Saturday. Police were able to tranquilize the chimp and safely return her to an enclosure.

CJ is expected to leave Monday for a chimp sanctuary in Oregon. She is in a temporary enclosure awaiting transportation. Representatives from Chimp Inc., the sanctuary in Oregon, are looking for a way to get CJ to her new home.

Derosa will have to appear in court for an arraignment in October. She could face a maximum fine of as much as $1,000 and up to six months in jail. County officials say two escapes is unacceptable.

"Obviously, we've seen cases around the country where chimps have dangerously hurt people. We know the potential is there to seriously maim someone or to potentially kill them," Clark County spokesman Erik Pappa said.

County officials are also looking into additional charges regarding the care of the animals.