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Hundreds Gather for Sikh Service in Las Vegas | News

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Hundreds Gather for Sikh Service in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS - The Las Vegas Sikh temple opened its doors Wednesday night to people of all faiths to share a night of prayers for the six people killed in a Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin Sunday.

The Wednesday night service at the Sikh temple in northwest Las Vegas was packed with visitors. They took off their shoes and wore head coverings, which are traditions in the Sikh religion.

Rebecca Overton-Hooker is a practicing Christian who attended the service. She says the terrible events that unfolded in Wisconsin illustrate why people need to come together, regardless of their faith.

"These are peace loving people who are blended in the community, own businesses. They educate their children. They raise their families. They are who we want in our community," she said. "These people in Wisconsin were done a terrible wrong by a psycho, and they need to know the community supports their desire to be a peaceful, loving, family-oriented people."

"This was the opportunity for us to share it," said Teji Malik who practices the Sikh religion. "That's why you won't see any anger here, but just a peaceful way of showing let's begin to love each other."

Other prominent members of the community also showed up to lend their support to Sikh religion members.

"That's part of the reason why we have this outreach and these relationships," said Metro Police Sheriff Doug Gillespie. "When a crime does occur, and the community does feel that it is racially motivated, that they have an avenue to reach out to."

As many as 500 people took part in the traditional service. Temple goers say it was encouraging to see, because they usually see around 50 people on a Wednesday night.

"People have lots of misconceptions because of a lack of education about it, so we just want to educate people," Malik said.

Sikh members say they are often confused with other religious groups and wanted to show people the differences.

The FBI, meanwhile, revealed the shooter in that Wisconsin massacre – Wade Michael Page - killed himself after the shooting spree. A police officer was also wounded in that incident.