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Robot in Operating Room Provides Better Care | Health

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Robot in Operating Room Provides Better Care
Robot in Operating Room Provides Better Care

Laparoscopic surgeries have made nasty scars and weeks of recovery things of the past for a lot of operations.

Now, a new robot is doing even more to cut down on scars and recovery time. The Da Vinci surgical robot is now in place at MountainView Hospital. The robot gives full range of motion to surgeons, which is something even laparoscopic tools have not been able to do.

The robot uses extremely small incisions and tiny metal fingers to perform intricate surgeries. The surgeon sits at controls feet away from the operating table.

"It is a lot easier to do the dissection. You have your wrist back. You have the comfort to do that. You are seated instead of standing at the table. We were here Monday for 14 hours. So if you are seated, you are a little more relaxed," gynecological surgeon Dr. Mark Turner said.

Dr Turner says the robot also eliminates human error. He says if the surgeon shakes the controls it will not register to the robot. He says the biggest benefit is cutting down patient recovery time by weeks.

There are four surgical robots in Las Vegas and three in Reno. MountainView Hospital bought its system for $1.6 million. The hospital says surgeries performed with the robot do not cost more than standard surgeries.


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