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Outpatient Therapy Center Opening at Centennial Hills Hospital

Centennial Hills Hospital is opening a new outpatient therapy center to help its patients get back to their normal lives and improve their overall health.

The new center will offer several services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, sports medicine and rehabilitation for neurological, orthopedic and pulmonary issues.

The center boosts 3,700 square feet of space with a variety of equipment to help people recovery from surgery, improve muscle strength or reduce pain.

The center is set to open Tuesday.  

Expansion of Rehabilitation Unit Finished

Expansion of Rehabilitation Unit Finished

MountainView Hospital announced Monday that the second phase expansion of one of its units is now finished.

The expansion means the hospital's inpatient rehabilitation unit is now 35 private beds. There is also a larger patient dining room, an updated rehabilitation gym and a new occupational suite where patients relearn activities for daily living.

The unit offers rehabilitation services for several conditions, including neurological, neuromuscular, orthopedic, amputations and stroke.


Hemophilia Walk & 5K On September 21, 2013 at Floyd Lamb Park

Hemophilia Walk & 5K On September 21, 2013 at Floyd Lamb Park

Hundreds of people will be taking part in the Nevada Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation’s Walk & 5K on Saturday, September 21.

It takes place at Floyd Lamb Park and proceeds will help send children and teenagers to a safe and supervised camp.  It allows those with inherited bleeding disorders and their siblings, to experience the great outdoors and learn important skills in handling and treatment their disorder, free of charge. The public is encouraged to register for the walk and help raise funds for this important cause at  www.hfnv.org

Among those returning to take part in the annual event is the Bartko family of Las Vegas.  Eight years ago, they never would have imagined being so involved in raising funds for inherited bleeding and clotting disorders.  But that was before their lives changed dramatically.

Alison and John moved to Las Vegas in 1999. Soon after that they welcomed their first daughter, Abbey.  A few years after that came Emily.  Shortly after giving birth, Alison noticed the “heel sticks” where blood is taken from the child, appeared to continue to bleed. The nurses, not alarmed, just suggested the bandage be put on a little tighter.  The family went home from the hospital on a Sunday.  Monday morning they were at the pediatrician’s office dealing with Emily’s umbilical cord which had also started to bleed. 

MountainView Hospital Getting New CEO

MountainView Hospital Getting New CEO

MountainView Hospital announced a new Chief Executive Officer Thursday.

Chris Mowan will be leaving Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, where he was the Chief Operating Officer, to move to MountainView, as the CEO. Mowan will take over September 1.

At Sunrise, Mowan oversaw the Nevada Neurosciences Institute, ancillary departments and physician recruitment. He also helped complete several expansions and renovations at the hospital.

The current CEO of MountainView, Will Wagnon, was promoted to CEO at group of hospitals in Richmond, Virginia.


New ER Beds to Open at Northwest Hospital

New ER Beds to Open at Northwest Hospital

A local hospital will soon open an expansion that will double its emergency room capacity.

MountainView Hospital will open the beds in late June, bringing its number of private ER beds to 42.

Also opening in late June is the third floor of the hospital’s South Tower with 32 new beds. The tentative opening is scheduled for the week of June 24.

Total construction costs for the new tower are about $70 million.

Centennial Hills Hospital Unveils State-of-the-Art Surgery Scanning System

Centennial Hills Hospital Unveils State-of-the-Art Surgery Scanning System

Centennial Hills Hospital became the first medical facility in the state to offer a state-of-the-art scanning system known as the O-arm.

The system takes hundreds of multi-dimensional pictures in seconds in the operating room. O-arm is used for spine surgeries, and it allows a real-time look at the problem. With that kind of precision, doctors can pinpoint where to place hardware, such as screws, while avoiding nerves, muscles, tissues or bones.

Doctor Yevgeniy Khavkin, the Director of Spine and Neurosurgery at Centennial Hills Hospital, was the first physician at the hospital to use the system during a surgery Monday.

“Time is critical in the operating room because you don’t want to keep patients under anesthesia any longer than necessary” Dr. Khavkin said. 

The system reduces overall time in surgery, which lessens the chance for complications.

The O-arm can also be used for neurological and orthopedic surgeries.

Check-In Kiosks Pop Up at Sunrise Health Hospitals

Check-In Kiosks Pop Up at Sunrise Health Hospitals


A local hospital group is making a switch to electronic check-in in its emergency rooms with an eye toward expediting the process.

Check-in kiosks are now available in the emergency lobby at Sunrise Hospital, Sunrise Children’s Hospital, MountainView Hospital and Southern Hills Hospital.

“We live in a technology-driven world, and patients expect us to keep pace,” said Jennifer Renner, Director of Emergency Services at Southern Hills Hospital.

Patients select either English or Spanish, and swipe a driver’s license or credit card. A swipe at the kiosk is not used for billing purposes. Patients may also enter their name manually. They will then be asked to enter their reason for visiting from a drop-down list of options, or can enter their reason manually.