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Small farm owner worries about city's effort to annex county property |

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Small farm owner worries about city's effort to annex county property

The deadline for property owners to submit letters of opposition to the city of Las Vegas regarding the proposed annexation of Clark County islands has passed and the owners are now waiting to hear back.

While the clerk's office reviews those notices, one property owner in the northwest area of town worries her livelihood may be at stake.

Children feed goats and other livestock at the JR Pony Parties property.

"It's fun and I can pet the goats and chickens," said Kenny Lorr.

He and others are getting an educational opportunity to learn about farm animals at the property.

"It's like a well kept secret," said parent Graciela Guthrie.

A three-acre farm in a neighborhood near Lake Mead and Decatur boulevards. It also happens to be in one of the county islands proposed for annexation.

"I worry that I'll lose all of this, and I don't want to lose it," said property owner Kathleen Meehan.

As a property co-owner, she fears she may need to shut down her business of nearly 20 years if annexation happens.

"The city laws are different from the county laws and I don't know what will happen with these animals and these animals are like my babies."

She worries that city laws will prohibit her from operating her western oasis in the middle of town. However, she and others remain hopeful after submitting notices opposing the move.

"We obtained the percentage that we needed for the Nevada statues in order to stop the annexation," said Barb Clark, nearby property owner.

Property owners in the properties proposed for annexation believe they have enough opposition. The city continues working to verify that. If it's accurate, that's enough to likely stop the city annexing the 10 county islands.

"We enjoy our lifestyles, we pay our taxes for what services we get, we owe nothing to the city and we won't be a revenue source," said Tricia Pintar, nearby property owner.

"We still have a piece of this treasure here and we want to keep it," Meehan said.

And keep the learning experience on the farm open for years to come.

Property owners in the county islands are now working to designate the land as rural preservation areas. That would prevent the city attempting any future annexation of those parcels.

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