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More pictures of small plane that crashed in golf course pond |

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More pictures of small plane that crashed in golf course pond

The airplane that was forced to make an emergency landing Thursday night in northwest Las Vegas was carrying a pilot and one passenger.

The small plane crash landed into a pond at Painted Desert Golf Club just before 6 p.m.

The plane is registered to Sin City Flying Club. 8 News NOW attempted to contact the club but was unable to reach anyone.

Lois Dohra, a resident in the neighborhood near Lone Mountain Road and U.S. 95 took some pictures immediately after the crash.

One of the photos appears to show one of the men in the water next to the sinking tail of the aircraft.

According to the FAA, It's up to the pilot to determine the best way to respond to an emergency.

FAA flight training regulations require pilots to undergo instruction including how to handle abnormal occurrences, equipment malfunctions and other emergency procedures.

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue officials commend the pilot for navigating the plane to an area that kept others out of danger.

Aviation training always focuses on bringing the aircraft down to a spot that will do the least amount of damage.

"They teach you to go in the fields and the highways, but the highway was completely loaded with traffic, as well as the roadways. There's a lot of houses, a hotel around here, this was probably the best possible place they could have brought this aircraft down," said Tim Szymanski, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue.

The FAA is still investigating the crash. The names of the pilot and passenger have not yet been released.

The aircraft is expected to be removed from the golf course by the weekend.

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