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Neighbors concerned after Metro investigates deadly home invasion for nearly 17 hours |

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Neighbors concerned after Metro investigates deadly home invasion for nearly 17 hours

An accused intruder was killed in a home invasion late Monday night. It happened around 10:30 p.m. in the 8000 block of Hesperides Avenue near N. Cimmaron and W. Elkhorn roads.

On Tuesday, it took Metro Police nearly 17 hours to clear the scene.

Neighbors told 8 News NOW they heard screams and gunshots.

"I heard a lot of bangs," Matt Ciaglia, one neighbor said.

"Like a horror movie type of screaming," according to Angela, a neighbor.

They said there were a series of loud gunshots, around 10 to 15 while producing a smell similar to firecrackers.

The aftermath of the home invasion was one man was killed and two others were injured.

"My window is like 10 feet away from that door, so I looked for a second, and when he turned around, I shut the blinds because I didn't know if he had a gun or not," Ciaglia said.

Investigators say it appears two armed suspects went inside this home and tied up a man and a woman with duck tape. However, the man was able to break free, grab his gun and shoot at the intruders.

One of the intruders died in near the doorway, while the other one escaped.

The female victim was shot in the arm but is going to be ok. Shortly after, a man suffering from a gunshot wound showed up at Centennial Hills Hospital. Officers said he drove himself to the hospital to get help.

He was later transferred to University Medical Center where he was treated.

"Thank goodness whoever lives there had a gun because if they didn't, who knows what could have happened," neighbor Lisa Warren said.

"He broke the law and tried to do something wrong, and he got what he deserve," said John Renn, neighbor. "You shouldn't be stealing or trespassing or robbing someone's house and taking what they have."

Residents in the area told 8 News NOW there has been an increase of car break-ins in the area. Metro Police says there have been two auto burglaries in the Cimarron Springs neighborhood in the past month.

"Every time you turn around, someone's house is getting broken into, or someone's car is," said Renn, neighbor.

No word if any of the crimes are connected to each other, but they have caused a great deal of concern for residents in the area.

"We've certainly been talking a lot about alarm systems and a dog," one neighbor said. "I know a lot of people say a dog is a deterrent. So, yeah, we're not feeling very safe right now."

Metro Police say they're still looking into whether the woman was shot by one of the intruders or the male resident. No arrests have been made.

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