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Local butcher shop sees boom during COVID-19 pandemic |

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Local butcher shop sees boom during COVID-19 pandemic

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Local butchers across the nation have fared well during the pandemic due to a combination of people wanting to avoid the grocery store, cook more for themselves and not going out to eat. 

8 News Now caught up with Ron Lutz and his customers at his flagship "Butcher Block" store in the southwest part of town, off South Rainbow Boulevard.

“I don't buy any meat anyplace else,” says customer Ronald O’Neil.

It's "Butcher Block" or bust for O’Neil — a loyal customer for a year and a half

“He's got Colorado lamb, duck, everything you can possibly think of,” O’Neil said.

Butcher Block is a full service butcher shop that custom cuts and grinds whatever you need, from all parts of animals.

Owner Ron Lutz opened up shop in 2006. He says business was it's strongest in March.

"Wild game, fish, poultry, beef, prime beef, choice beef, American style Kobe beef,” Lutz listed. “When COVID hit, people flocked in, everybody, lines out the door, for 2-3 weeks straight.”

They stayed open seven days a week, at all three locations, and spent several grand on barriers and signage for social distancing. 

All of his two dozen employees stayed healthy and word spread.

“Social media, people waiting in lines, this place got business, increased business big time, very thankful for it,” Lutz said.

Ironically, keeping up with demand at the Butcher Block meant temporarily shutting down the deli, right next door.

“We got phone calls daily about to-go orders, we couldn't perform,” Lutz said of the deli.

The bottom line — people cherish excellent quality and are willing to pay for it. Lutz constantly wants to do right by his customers.

“We were doing our best to provide lowest cost we could,” Lutz said.

And with their return business, he knows he is.  

Butcher Block has two other locations — one in Centennial Hills, and another on Horizon Ridge Parkway in Henderson.